Wednesday, January 28, 2015

True&Co HOT Lingerie for Valentine's Day and Shopping Spree Giveaway

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"Feathers" Bra

I LOVE the lingerie from True&Co. They have really beautiful quality red lacy bras and panties that are great for Valentine's day. Right now, they also have collections based on sexy characters like Game of Thrones - Khaleesi, Angelina Jolie as Mrs. Smith, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City and Katniss from The Hunger Games. They are also having a BIG Giveaway!!!

True&Co. blog is hosting a $2500 shopping spree Giveaway! I'm going to enter, for sure because there are so many things that I could buy on their site and everything is so gorgeous.

This would probably be hubby's choice:

The "Justine" Set

Can you tell I LOVE lace. True&Co's lace is all really lovely, and halters and racer-backs like this piece always look so great on.

The Colette

You guys really should check out their whole collection and enter the giveaway, too!


  1. Wow-those are gorgeous! I'm going to check out the giveaway on their blog-thanks!

  2. sexy!!! i need to find some cute sets for valentines day!!!(;

  3. I've never heard of that brand but I love the Colette!!


Thanks for the comment!

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