Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IfOnly - Once In a Lifetime Experiences for Valentine's Day Gifts

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Are you looking for chocolate that is a little unusual and higher quality for Valentine's Day? How about artisanal chocolates from IfOnly’s "luminaries" who are Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-winning chefs like Gary Danko, Traci Des Jardins, and Michael Tusk?

Beyond chocolates, if you are looking for an extremely unique gift or an experience of a lifetime to gift someone for Valentine's Day, you really need to check out IfOnly. They offer culinary experiences with celebrity chefs, one-of-a-kind gifts, luxury travel experiences, and more.

To make these gifts truly amazing and from the heart, a portion of every sale goes to a charitable cause and many of the activities they offer come with what they call "luminaries" or sought after celebrities, musicians, or masters of culinary or craft.

Check out all the amazing things you can gift at IfOnly

There are styling and shopping sessions with Rachel Zoe and Kate Spade, concert tickets and backstage meetings with HOT artist like Megan Trainor, and trips to the far reaches of the world where you are treated as if you were a celebrity, yourself.

Vegan cooking class by Ayinde Howell

Many of the gifts offered are focused around major US cities, so I took a look at some nearby culinary adventures in my nearest metro city, and the place I used to call home, Los Angeles. They have an award winning vegan chef, Ayinde Howell, who will do a vegan cooking class in your home, or just cook you an extraordinary dinner. He will even bring his vegan food truck to your next party!

All of this comes at a price, and although prices seem to line up with the personalized, five-star experiences If Only is offering, if things are looking a little out of your price range, they have a lot of gifts and even have a gifts under $250 section in their culinary tab.

I would love to get hubby the IfOnly Cocktail of the Month Collection from Star Mixologists. He would get a laquered recipe box with recipes created and signed by master mixologists incuding: Jacques Bezuidenhout, H. Joseph Ehrmann, Jim Meehan, David Wondrich and Dushan Zaric.

There are so many unique and personalized experiences, trips, and gifts, you really should check out IfOnly if you really want to make someone feel special this Valentine's Day.


  1. I've never heard of this company. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing stuff - a bit out of my price range but soooo fun to dream about!

  3. This sounds right up my alley. I am always hoping my hubby will come up with something unique and specific to me, rather than the regular stuff. I will have to forward this to him with a big hint!

  4. I would be happy with a nice dinner and jewelry!:) always about the jewelry

  5. That box of chocolates is amazing. I'd be so thrilled to get something that looks so elegant and almost customized.

  6. I would be happy with anything as long as it is genuine.


  7. Oh my gosh! These chocolates look delicious!!

  8. Looks so delicious. Can't believe I have never heard of them. Thank you for sharing.


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