Friday, February 20, 2015

Attn. Bloggers - Make Money Blogging for Rent the Runway

* If you use my link to sign up this week, I may receive a referral bonus.

One of my all time favorite affiliate programs that I make money with as a blogger is Shareasale. I'm eagerly anticipating a $100 check this month! Rent the Runway, one of my favorite vendors on the Shareasale network gave out mulitple $5 bonuses for New Year's Eve and then again for Valentine's Day. 

I think I scored $25 or so just for sharing a few blog posts for Rent the Runway's gorgeous designer dresses that you can rent for SO much less than buying them. It is seriously so much fun for me to shop and blog about their dresses...


If you are a blogger who likes blogging about fashion and great deals and is looking to make a little extra cash, I would recommend joining their program. You won't get rich, but it does add up!

Go ahead and apply to their program, so you can cash in, too!

Here's some more money making websites and opportunities I've started gathering for my blogging friends, as well!


  1. Thanks for passing that on. I keep telling my daughter to do a fashion/lifestyle blog.

  2. This is such a great idea.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think this is a great idea! Genius

  4. What an awesome idea for bloggers! I'll share with others!


Thanks for the comment!

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