Friday, February 20, 2015

Decorating - Colorful Playroom and Kids Rooms Area Rugs

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Play Rug at

I had a little fun, tonight, shopping for a rug for my son's room. We are doing a "big boy" makeover to his room because he is going to be a big brother in the next week or so and he gave up some of his baby stuff for her, leaving his room a hodge podge of random decor and babyish decorations. We will have some sponsored posts, reviews, and a giveaway to go along with his new decor, this week and I think he's really going to like it!

Of course, I got sidetracked and and got a little excited about some of the great rugs I was finding that would be PERFECT for a play room, bedroom, or play area. I think it was this cool, modern "Play" rug that got me started. It comes in two color combos and I really haven't seen anything like it before. It is 100% acrylic and comes in sizes from 3'x5' all the way up to 8'x10'.

Here's another great colorful rug that I LOVE by Mohawk. I always thing colorful area rugs look great in a playroom.

Then I saw these amazing hand-tufted rugs. How beautiful is this?

Here's another gorgeous hand-tufted - like a work of art!

If your playroom is actually your family room, like mine is, this colorful Pantone rug is elegant, modern, looks great with all the toys, and even better when they are all put away.

This is the more affordable and cute version...

Here's the rug we went with for the little guy's room. I'm really excited to see it with his new bedding, wall decals, and other accessories that you will get to see when we post it all this week!

Just a reminder, I think I've said it on here, before, but I would recommend avoiding rugs made of wool. They are horribly mean to the sheep that make the wool. It is not an animal product that we really need with all these great cotton, natural fibers, and synthetic rugs on the market. I didn't know when I bought my wool rug and I will NEVER buy one again. Unless I make it myself... with my own pet sheep... which I would totally do.

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