Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pregnancy Update - 9 Days Until Due Date

Today, we are 9 days away from our due date! I thought I'd give a quick pregnancy update, just in case this is my last! I'm definitely feeling like I'm ready to pop, but the Dr. said I should be right on time.

How I'm Feeling:
Uncomfortable. For most of the pregnancy, I suffered from a pinched nerve in my back, but just like my first, there was a stopping point. I'm not sure if it's because the baby moved downward, or I just gave up on a lot of the tougher chores, tasks, and activities. Instead, I feel stretched out, front heavy, sometimes a little crampy, and my inner thighs and groin feel like the muscles are pulled. Dr. says it is just pressure on my ligaments, but it makes it difficult to stand or walk, so guess what. I'm not! Haha. I've been spending as much time as possible off my feet. After I get breakfast together for everyone in the morning, I'm usually down for the count.

Coolest thing from this past week?
I got to attend a Mommy Blogger Graco® Live Party and scored the Simple Sway™ Swing and other great swag for the baby. You can check out all the photos and fun from the party HERE.

What Are We Doing to Get Ready:
This weekend, I have a few things on my, or should I say hubby's To Do list. He has been a huge help with chores and taking care of us these last few weeks. He has also been pretty good with organizing tasks and completing them all on his own. I don't know how I would have procrastinated this much without him to pick up the slack.

I am trying to wrap up a bunch of reviews and giveaways that still have to go up on the blog, including my son's Big Boy Room Makeover that actually needs to happen, too. We can pick up his rug at Target this weekend, then I want to get his room decals up, bed made up with new bedding, cleaned up, photos taken, bam. 

Our families hospital and overnight bags are ready to pack and clothing is set aside - just need to pack them. Then, I need to do a Costco trip and a Trader Joe's run which I'm dreading. The whole walking/standing thing... ugh. But, we need to stock up and the staples. Then we can just do local runs to the grocery store for whatever else we need once baby is here dominating our schedule. I'd love to bake some muffins and prep up some food that can be cooked easily, but again, the standing thing... so I'll do what I can.

We also have Amazon Prime, (Amazon Mom works, too and it is FREE) for urgent supplies, Farm Fresh to You for weekly produce deliveries, for pet food delivery, and Honest Company for diapers and personal care items all delivered! Life should be easy, right?!

Farm Fresh to You serves many areas of Southern California - highly recommended!

My husband is an excellent Daddy and cook as well, and he is taking some time off work to be here with us. He has a great job where they are very supportive and understanding so he has planned a couple weeks off, then some reduced hours and working from home. I'm pretty sure, with our teamwork, and his lighter schedule we will survive! Plus we have my parents 2 miles down the road. Don't think for a second that we didn't think of that when we bought this house and planned to have a family. Having family nearby was one of the biggest selling points for our home! Grandparents - you guys are on call, ok?! Hope you are looking forward to spending lots of quality time with a 3 year old!

So are we ready?
No! But you are never fully ready, so let's just do this!


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