Friday, February 6, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Theme Birthday Party from Birthday Express

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We love throwing parties, especially themed ones. My little guy is just on the verge of getting into Star Wars, and it is SO popular with the boys, right now with the Star Wars Rebels cartoon, the LEGO sets and just the all-time popularity of the movies. Birthday Express has pretty much EVERYTHING you would need to throw the ultimate Star Wars Rebels theme birthday party.

Not only does Birthday Express, have a Complete Party in a box, where you can get the basic Star Wars Party Supplies, but you can upgrade to different levels to throw a pretty over-the-top Star Wars party with everything from tableware and invites, to a pinata and favors.

Things we could do for food:
Pretzel Sticks - the big, long straight ones as "light sabers" - maybe some hummus to go along with them.
"Yoda Soda" - of course I would have to have healthy soda, but you could print out and replace labels to customize.
"Fruit Sabers" - colorful skewered fruit sticks with green grapes, red strawberries, purple grapes, etc. If in season, starfruit is always so cool looking, too!
Yoda shaped guacamole platter - how hard could it be to shape a blob of guacamole into a Yoda face?! I swear I saw it on Pinterest...


My son, who is only 3, already knows about Star Wars, and has some of the LEGO figures mixed in with his other figures. I could see us doing a Star Wars theme birthday party for sure, this year! I think I'd have to get him on of their Luke Skywalker costumes.

Things we could do for games:
A pinata - with a light saber decorated bat. Birthday Express includes a star shaped pinata in one of their party in a boxes.
A pin the something on the something game - something would be related to Star Wars Rebels
A toss game, where we are tossing a beanbag, ball, water balloons or item into a bucket(s) for prizes
A light saber game - NOT A FIGHT (if we can help it, right?!) - we could hit balloons or balls and have scoring based on distance or something of that nature
Light saber relay races - where the baton is, you guessed it, a light saber but make it interesting by having costumes that they have to put on before they run!
A scavenger hunt - detailed clues and maps would lead two teams on a race to be the first to finish.

Of course Birthday Express has a TON of fun things you can put together for goodie bags! 

What to give in the goodie bags:
Birthday Express makes it REALLY easy for you with a Mega Mix Value Pack which includes the following -
Spinning Tops
Flying Discs
Disc Shooters
Siren Whistles
Maze Puzzles

You could also include - 
glow sticks
Splat rocks
organic candy
snack bags of Annies Bunnies or Snack Mix

There are so many things you could do with a Star Wars Rebels birthday party, especially after you sit down and watch some of the episodes so you can get your characters and terminology down. Then, start with Birthday Express to get your supplies, and start trolling Pinterest to make sure your party is more clever than the one you did last year!


  1. Great idea! We love Birthday Express. Great Review!

  2. What a cute idea for a great birthday party.
    I should think it would be a great success.

  3. What a fun theme. Any kid would love it!

  4. This is so perfect for my grandson - and his Dad! They are both HUGE Star Wars fans!

  5. What a creative idea! My kids would absolutely love this!

  6. Cant wait to try these ideas for my grandson,especially theYoda shaped guacamole platter.


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