Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Week in Pictures with Newborn Baby D

 Just as I thought it would be, blogging has been a little tricky with a newborn in the house. Although I haven't really taken time off from working on the blog, I haven't really had the time to work on new recipes or crafts. I've just been trying to make sure this little bundle of baby has everything she needs and her brother is feeling loved and cared for as well. I am going to try to keep sharing photos to keep the blog updated and interesting, so here are a few highlights from this week....

I love seeing this kid paint. I truly feel like he has some talent for a good composition. I decided to give him a large canvas in hopes that he would take a while to complete it. I think he did a beautiful job. He even finishes all of the sides of the stretched canvas.

Hubby worked a little more in the back, taking down trees,weeds and bushes to get a little bit closer to his goals out there.

The boy played with his beloved Boxer-Noodle.

Dad and son worked on more Bionicle figures together.

We ate a lot of fresh mango!

I spent some time snuggling this little girl, outside.

Daddy and baby took naps together inside.


  1. What a sweet, sweet baby!

  2. Wow! she is so adorable! What a cute family! But boy that dog is HUGE! lol

  3. lovely family! wish you luck and success!

  4. She looks so sweet and cuddly! Enjoy!

  5. She is adorable. Don't tell my hubby but I kinda miss having a baby in the house. ;)


Thanks for the comment!

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