Sunday, March 8, 2015

Today in Pictures - Family, Smoothies, Garden, Chillin'

My son loves his sister. He is all over her with kisses and hugs and just cannot get enough... except when she's crying.

Today we had a really nice day at home, settling into our new routine with a newborn. Our 3 year old spent the last few days at Grandma's and Grandpa's with his aunt and uncle, so today was the first full day with him at home. I'm feeling great and Dad is taking a little time off from work so we are able to enjoy some stress free time at home with our newborn. 

We had family smoothie time - kale, frozen organic Costco Wawona fruit mix, pears, water, and a splash of apple juice. Feels good!

We even got out in the garden, today. I cleaned up some gopher dirt in the front yard. First time I worked in the garden in months. Hubby pulled out some Bird of Paradise roots in the back and the kids got fresh air.

I hope the gophers don't mess with these beautiful poppies. I just ordered a sound deterrent to annoy them away. Fingers crossed that they don't do anything too terrible before the gopher soound sticks get here!

How come nobody likes the cat? Maybe because he's got way too much catitude...

Of course there is time for LEGO, here, but absolutely NO time to pick up that sock on the floor... They don't call me a horrible housekeeper for nothing. Besides, it isn't my sock.

These are her brother's dino pajamas. I thought he would appreciate her effort to fit in. So far, she is not fitting in at all. She is not fussy, demanding, stubborn, or dramatic. Should I have double checked the tag on this baby at the hospital? We are a lucky family, right now. Lu knows it too. She is ready to lay down her life for this kid. (Yet again we need to make sure we are clear that the neighbors are our friends!) She'd like them to wear lanyards or pass a background check or something...

It was a good day!


  1. The first photo sums up quite well how little boys think of babies! What a precious face!

  2. Great pictures :) The smoothie looks amazing!

  3. Congratulation! What a lovely little princess!

  4. so cute- I keep seeing kale smoothies. I gotta try one of these things they must be delicious!
    Thank you! xoxoxo


Thanks for the comment!

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