Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Garden and Family Update - Bye Bye Birdie

As usual, we put a little extra time in this past weekend to work on the garden. I know it isn't the most beautiful, perfect, and manicured front yard, but it makes us happy. We live in Southern California where there is a terrible drought, and we DON'T have to irrigate at all, yet we still have a fun and colorful yard. Want to see what else is going on, here at Casa DeMaria?

I always try to make sure this little arched window has a nice view. We juxtaposed a lot of texture and color into the front yard to keep it interesting.

The patio is looking a tiny bit weedy, but we ran out of organic weed killer. A little nature (weeds) are nothing to stress about!

I love these flowers! Such a great color. It looks so great with the oranges and yellow for a citrus color palette.

 Meanwhile in the back yard...

 Little by little, hubby is clearing all the old and ugly growing next to this dilapidated fence. He is going to put in a retaining wall and replace the fence, soon. He is trying to do a lot of the work himself to save money but it is sloooooow this way. I keep trying to make him call a professional fence company, but he hasn't given up, yet...

I'm proud of how hard this guy works! He doesn't give up and looks pretty good doing the manual labor so I'm not complaining. This used to be a Bird of Paradise. We HATE Birds of Paradise. They are too much maintenance and grow way too big. There were 3 in this yard. He has destroyed all of them. Finally. Bye bye Birdies!!! Don't come back, now, ya hear? Your roots are hacked to bits, so we shouldn't EVER see you again, so ha.

 Gratuitous worm bin shot. Had to move the worm bin away from the fence now that the fence and all the pine trees are gone on that side. If it gets too much sun, the worms are unhappy, the paper dries out, and it starts to stink!

Meanwhile, inside the house...

Mister cat LOVES this play tent. He plays in it ALL the time. Baby D is enjoying her playpen and toys. This baby knows how to have a good time!

After all the yard work and house stuff, we went to our city art festival and hubby wore a baby for the first time! He wasn't around much the first year our son was born because of a project he worked on in Malaysia so he never got to wear him. He actually really liked it and I'm thinking of giving him the Ergo and buying myself a Tula. Good enough reason, right?!

Street art at the Oceanside Days of Art

 We snacked it up with some vegan Tofurkey salad with Veganaise and carrots.

Keep checking in with us so you can see our really slow progress on our yard and home!


  1. Looks very nice. I have also started cleaning up and getting the yard ready for Spring. I am so glad winter is over.

  2. Looks like a great deal of work has been put into the garden!

  3. I love your front yard! It looks great.

  4. It looks wonderful! I love that nice bright pink flower!

  5. Looks great. I have just about got my yard done as well for Spring here in Ohio. I have a few more flowers and plants to put in then thats it.


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