Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Soft, Stylish,Simple Sarong Review

I was at the water park and the beach all summer, last year. We also had pool parties every couple of weeks. I love having a towel that I can wrap around my waist or bust, but with kids in tow, the towel slips and falls. Well I just got the opportunity to review a towel with buttons that becomes a sarong, and my towel will never fall off again!

Simple Sarongs are really pretty a sarongs/towels/cover-ups all in one. The strategic placement of coordinating buttons and buttonholes turns this towel into a one size fits and flatters nearly all (XS-XL) sarong or cover-up. They come in a variety of patterns and are made from 100% super-soft cotton terry which is custom-woven to be lightweight, quick drying, and super absorbent.

The versatile Simple Sarong can be worn around the bust as a sarong dress, or around the hips or waist as a sarong skirt cover-up, just depending on what you prefer. It also comes in a few different patterns to coordinate with your swimsuit.

I chose the Maui Paradise design to coordinate with my blue swimsuit and because we are traveling to Hawaii this year. I'm starting to get into the tropical paradise, vibe.

I am loving my Maui Paradise Simple Sarong. It is a velvety, soft terrycloth in such a beautiful shade of blue and bright, tropical florals. The 2 buttons and choices of 8 buttonholes fit my post-baby body just perfectly. This is great for my not-quite-bikini bod!

The interior is a bright lime with white ferns.

My son loves how soft it is, too!

And it is a good size towel to dry off with, as well.

I also love the coordinating design on the inside.

You can see how nice the velour texture of the towel is.

It looks really gorgeous poolside.

I'm so happy to not have to deal with a falling down towel while pushing a stroller, baby-wearing, and chasing a toddler at the water park, this summer!

I think I'll buy my swimsuits to coordinate with these towels from now on...

This is a great size to lay on, as well!

I hope this towel can hold up to all the adventures it will go on this year!

The Simple Sarong also comes in a nice gift bag.

I'm definitely packing my Simple Sarong, when we go on our Hawaii vacation, this year. We also have beach trips planned, trips to LEGOLAND Water Park, and of course the pool all summer long, and I'm going to be bringing this magical towel to all of these occasions. Let's see how much abuse this towel can take because it is not getting a break, this summer!

I highly recommend one of these to all the ladies out there, whether you have something to "cover-up" or not! It is just a clever idea, and well-executed on beautifully designed, good quality fabrics. 

These make great gifts, too! I would grab one for everyone on a family or girls' trip.

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  1. What a cool idea! I want one of these for our beach vacation! The bright paisley design is my favorite, but pretty much all of my swimsuits are black so any of them would match. Very nice!

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  3. That is really neat! I like how it is reversible and a towel all in one!!

  4. these are cute, versatile, and i like how many prints they have

  5. ahuh! totally versatile indeed! that's what we use mostly here in the Philippines.. love the colors and prints too!

  6. What a great idea! I love the print that you got. I live in Florida and spend a lot of time at the beach and this would be wonderful to have.

  7. Very colorful and exotic looking and if they can do what you say they are able too...I will have to get at least one for a friend who has lupis and has to stay out of a lot of sun

  8. Such a clever idea! This would be awesome to have

  9. That's a great idea & it looks amazing!


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