Monday, April 13, 2015

Home and Garden Weekend Highlights

We did a little gardening and work outside, this weekend. I thought I'd share some of the highlights of what is going on around this property. I love they yard, here, but there really is so much work to be done. We knew going into this house that it needed $100,000 worth of work. We haven't even done 1/4 of the work, yet, but at least we're having a good time!

I'm really liking some of the colors that are coming in. I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Anniversary Hydrangea in full bloom! We don't do a lot of "thirsty" plants like hydrangea in the garden, but I have the perfect spot with morning sun and afternoon shade, right in front of the house. This area is easy to get to with extra water from the kitchen, so that is all we do here. 

We live in California in a severe drought so we don't use irrigation at all! In fact, I just realized, we were the first on our street to go drought tolerant, desertscape gardens. Now 3 others have gone this route on our block! Once again, at the forefront and RIGHT on the money here as responsible humans!

These are great colors, too! Someone on Instagram called it a "Kiwi". I have no idea what all the succulents in our garden are. I am so busted as a non-native, here. My gardening background is in wet, seasonal New Jersey with bulbs and perennials.

More pretty color!

The bees are loving the poppies!

Loving this plant under our awning. It has the most amazing color and pattern on the leaves.

This plant gets protected from the sun under our porch awning. I feel bad that I NEVER water it. I hoped it wouldn't grow too much, but lo and behold...

Hubby was looking at our roof and checking out what is going on with the stucco under the upstairs windows. He was also cutting down some tree branches with that tool. It looks a little primitive warrior. We know we need some roof work, which is going to get done this spring, but we thought we could just wash the stucco under the windows. Not the case. Another project to be added to the repair list!

He is doing a lot of the work himself and there is SO FRIGGIN' much to do!

He is prepping the sides of the yard for a new fence.

Some excess stone from the front we are going to use on the other side of the yard by the patio.

Found this guy in the backyard.

Worm bin is almost full on one side. This is my project. They are doing amazingly well and eat all of our vegan food scraps and clean paper and make fertilizer!

These worms are very easy to find right under the surface. So healthy!

The little guy likes to touch the little slimies.

I've been using the finished worm castings for my garden in the front. I can't wait to get a new setup for growing veggies. It could happen this spring with the roof and fence work. Fingers crossed. As you can see, there is a TON of work to do on this house, and we are not even CLOSE to being done or being able to afford it all. Wish us luck! We'll keep y'all posted.


  1. great post but haf\te worms yuck.

  2. Beautiful garden! The bright colours make it look almost exotic :)

  3. The garden is really wonderful. I almost freaked out when I saw the worms. I have vermiphobia. Lol.


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