Sunday, May 24, 2015

Food, Family, and Flowers This Week

We have a lot blooming, this week, at Casa DeMaria! Food was fresh, flowers were flourishing, and family was fun. I find myself taking pictures of all this gorgeous stuff around me almost constantly. I just cannot get enough, and can't help but share...

My waffles are well liked in this house. I made some by special request from Hubby this weekend. Then, I decided to be creative and make myself a black bean, tahini, salsa wrap on a whole wheat tortilla. The tahini and tortillas are from Trader Joes. The black beans were homemade and the salsa was the organic kind from Walmart. This is my new favorite lunch. I cannot believe how yummy these flavors are together. I'm crazy over tahini, lately, but this is the absolute BEST!

I really got to experiment with food while Hubby was out of town on business. I always try new foods when he's gone because he's so picky!

They missed their daddy!

He loves his sister!

This is a typical lunch for my 3 year old.

And my other FAVORITE lunch this week, besides the tasty wrap above... was this watermelon salad.

Little Nuggy started up swim lessons again and is crazy about it! I think he's going to be really good at this.

Hubby found Japanese band-aids for the little guy on his trip. Only he would know how much this boy loves band-aids...

The garden has a lot of beautiful flowers happening this week like this Easter or Madonna Lily...

I let him pick the dandelions.

We actually got a pink poppy plant! I got a dark orange, one, too. I just need the wind to chill out so I can get a good shot of it.

These definitely surprised me. I don't think I've ever seen pink poppies before.

These are one of our natives. I love the color.

Speaking of color... I have gorgeous color combos happening out front.

And this double petal poppy.

The hydrangea plant is packed with flowers.

I can't wait to see this bush grow and fill out. 

We found this cool little guy.

and learned about spreading poppy seeds so we can have these flowers again next year.

He loves popping poppies!

I love that this little guy is learning all this really practical stuff from me. I hope he will grow a garden someday, too!


  1. Look at the big brother's love for his little sister! How precious!

  2. Your waffles and your watermelon salad looked amazing, is there a recipe to bothe of these ? I'd love to try them :)


Thanks for the comment!

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