Friday, May 15, 2015

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Grand Opening

As you may know, we are a LEGO family. I was a Master Model Builder and so was hubby (he's now a Project Manager for LEGOLAND parks and attractions) and my son is a budding LEGO Maniac. So when hubby asked if we wanted to join him for the opening of one of his latest projects, we were on the next plane out to Orlando!

Today was LEGOLAND Florida Hotel's grand opening!!! Hubby and I were on the Project Team that built LEGOLAND Florida, so I really love to come back here any chance we get. It always brings back the best memories.

The hotel is beautiful, just like the one in California. It is right on park property, literally like two steps from the entrance to the park. It is absolutely perfect because if you've ever been to Florida, you know it gets HOT here. Take it from me, stay here at the LEGOLAND Hotel if you want to visit. This way you have the pool and air-conditioning available whenever you like.

Not only do all the rooms in the hotel have LEGO models and decorations, but there is LEGO everywhere! It was hard to get my son to leave the big bin full of LEGO in lobby. He could play in here for hours... I think this is the only place that I know of that has more LEGO than we do. And how convenient, there is a restaurant and bar flanking all the play places.

Don't mind if I do...

So next time we come to town, you know where we'll be staying!

I'll be posting a lot more about our trip this coming week. We've been very busy, with work, play, and family, so there will be a lot to talk about!

Baby D slept through the whole event in our travel stroller which has been to hell and back, but nothing duct tape won't fix...

Checking in?

One more on the house? Sure, why not?!

All this partying is getting me hungry...

A castle! Sweet!

In his happy place.

Hey, get back here, Shorty!

LEGO touches everywhere...

The beds are a little firm here...

Pretty awesome, right?!

Aerial view of the pool...


  1. That looks like so much fun!!

  2. Wow thank you for sharing this! ♥ I'd really love to try and go there too! My family would enjoy going there as well!

  3. What an awesome experience! I wish I could visit this place once.

  4. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I see a vacation here in my future :)

  5. this looks like so much fun my younger brother would love this hes in love with legos

  6. Wow! This looks awesome! I would love to take my grandchildren to LEGOLAND and stay in the hotel. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  7. This is so awesome! My son is 18 and autistic and this is what he enjoys most. It's all about Legos.

  8. I really enjoy the beauty and imagination of the Legoland center..we are planning to go to Disneyworld next spring break, and will be sure to visit..thank you

  9. Legoland is another brilliant reason for me to take my nephew to Florida!!! He loves Lego! Of course, at 3 1/2 years old, he also loves to destroy his structure, after it's been built! Lol :)

  10. It looks so fun!! My boys would love to visit Legoland :)

  11. I would love to go to this and I think my daughter would have a blast.

  12. I'm an adult and I'd love to go to Legoland still!


Thanks for the comment!

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