Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Madison Reed's New STYLE and TAME Products

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If you are looking for a styling cream for frizzy hair or products to smooth and make hair more manageable, you should definitely check out Madison Reed's newly launched STYLE and TAME products.

Madison Reed frizzy hair taming products

STYLE is a lightweight styling cream that provides frizz-fighting hold, while conditioning and protecting hair. TAME is a lightweight smoothing emulsion that makes hair more manageable and adds shine before and after styling. Both products nourish hair with hydrating oils, turn frizzy, curly hair into smooth waves and help create sleek straight hairstyles.

Madison Reed offers these and other great products on their site or you can schedule convenient monthly deliveries (which you know I swear by). I am actually living off my convenient monthly deliveries of everything from organic produce to shampoo, and haven't been to the store in weeks saving time and gas. You can cancel at any time, so I suggest placing an order to check it out.

Check the Style and Tame set out!


  1. What a great looking product brand! I'd love to try this set as well as Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

  2. This sounds wonderful. My hair is down to my butt and sometimes it decides to act up. It's never a nice experience having that much hair being frizzy. I will have to check this product out!

  3. What a lovely experience!Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop.May be Your hair looks lovely and it all sounds very enjoyable for your used this product.


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