Thursday, May 21, 2015

Double Down Casino Games and Wine in Plastic Cups are Our Nights on Vacation Now

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DoubleDown Casino. All opinions are 100% mine.

As our work/play vacation week comes to a close, I'm starting to get anxious about getting up early with the kids and driving back to Orlando first thing in the morning to catch a flight back home. To ease my mind, I'm snuggling next to my husband and watching him experience big win after big win in his new DoubleDown Casino game, plastic cup of wine in hand.

Cheers, honey! We survived another family vacation with the in-laws!

We've had a great week seeing the Grandparents, our precious niece, and some of our favorite people, theme parks, and places. We've also had a healthy dose of family drama, scorching temperatures, and humidity, all while missing the comforts of home. I especially miss that time in the evening where my husband and I put the kids in their own beds and regroup over wine, tv, and a late night snack in a kid free room blaring lights, sounds, games, and speaking and laughing as loudly as we like.

Instead, we are in a dark hotel room, because the kids are sleeping, exhausted from too much sun and strife, and grasping for anything that could possibly entertain us without turning on the loud and bright tv next to the baby's crib.

Ok, can you imagine if this is real. That is what I'm doing right now... aaaah.

Well this week, we were offered the opportunity to try out the games from DoubleDown Casino on our Kindle Fire, Facebook, or mobile iOS, or Android device. Hubby loves games. He is always gaming on his Kindle.

NO locked games at all!!!

We also both love Vegas. I think we have been there 5 or 6 times together and we always and pretty much exclusively play slots. Plus we have gone on two cruises together (all of this before kids!) where we hit the slot machines with Hubby playing an occasional poker game and me cheering him on.

Vegas Vacationers - you KNOW this game, right?!?! Can I get a howl? 

DoubleDown Casino is just like being in Vegas or the game room on those sweet Caribbean cruises we took a few years back. It is actually the only online casino that gives you the authentic Vegas experience with 50 slot games, Poker, Bingo, Blackjack, Roulette, Game King™ Video Poker, and they are all FREE with no locked content. You get 1 million free chips to start with and get a free spin every day.

So now, as we cuddle up at 11:00 PM EST (which is a mere 8 PM on California time) in our hotel room, one nightstand away from our preschooler, a few feet away from the baby, sipping some decent box wine in plastic cups, Hubby is playing DoubleDown's slot machine games as I enjoy watching the game. We get such a thrill from winning with the huge adrenaline rush!

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!!!

We may not be at home, or on one of our cherished date nights or getaway weekends but we have escaped! We are playing a game of chance where the only strategy is whether or not to stay up and keep playing, or just give up and go to bed shortly after the kiddos.

You don't have to be a gaming expert, anyone can play DoubleDown's games, and everyone is transported from their daily routine or in our case, their boring hotel room, into the colorful and exciting world of video slot machines. With bonus rounds and sounds that bring back fond memories of a time where sleep is overrated and daytime and nighttime are swapped to make life electrifying and entertaining we have no pressing obligations or accountability for a short while.

Hubby leaves on business travel, alone, after this trip, and I'm sure he will be enjoying the Vegas floor vicariously through his new game while he's shacked up in some strange hotel room half the globe away.

I'll probably have to play DoubleDown Casino Games from home, myself, because 1 million free chips is just too good to pass up and the feeling of winning big will be a rewarding liberation from the day to days.

This is my kind of game... meow!

If you want to get your free chips and play, go ahead and play now. You've got nothing to lose and maybe you'll even win big, too!

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