Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Florida Trip with Savvy Baby Pacifier Clips

We just got back from a trip to Central Florida with our baby girl. She flew across the country, visited several theme parks and attractions, met her grandparents and family, all while wearing her pacifier on a Savvy Baby Pacifier Clip we received for our unbiased review.

I learned with my son that you need to keep the pacifier on or near the baby to keep it clean and so you NEVER lose it on vacation, or anywhere for that matter. A pacifier clip is the best way to do this. 

It is an added bonus if the clip has a pretty fabric design that matches clothing, but when your baby is screaming in the car on the way from the airport, the only thing that matters is that you can find it.

Behind the scenes in the LEGOLAND Florida Model Shop!

SavvyBaby provided us with this set of 3 pacifier clips in three, double-sided reversible fabric designs. 

They have a cotton loop which you slip through a hold or the handle in a pacifier, then push the clip end through to secure it.

 The clip is nickle free and grips onto baby's clothing, the stroller, the carseat, your baby carrier, or anything that is convenient.



STEP 3. 


We used one of these pacifier clips throughout our entire week vacation. 

This baby loves her pacifier, so I clipped it to my my baby carrier, to her pajamas, and then her carseat as we traveled. 

The pacifier was always within reach and I would make sure to clean it often and keep near her at all times. 

My husband perfected the reach from the front seat to the spot where I clipped it to her seat belt in the back seat to replace the paci' each time she got upset in the less than comfortable rental car carseat. 

We clipped the SavvyBaby clip to her outfit so grandparents, cousins, and Aunties could hold her and have the best possible tool to keep her from crying. 

For the most part, our little girl was a happy and mellow baby throughout the trip, I'm sure due in part to the essential and convenient clip that carried her favorite chew toy. You can also use these clips to attach toys, blankies or other beloved objects to keep them close to your little one at all times.

The fabric designs and colors are really cute and go with brightly colored, happy clothing. They are great for a boy or a girl and would make a perfect baby shower gift.

The following is my Amazon Affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking my link, I may receive a commission.

* I received the set of 3 SavvyBaby Pacifier Clips in order to facilitate this review, However all thoughts and opinions are my own. All photos are property of MommyOnTheMoney.com.


  1. Those happy smiles are so precious!

  2. this would be a great gift for the baby shower I have coming up, thanks for sharing!!

  3. This looks like a cute and useful product!

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