Monday, June 22, 2015

Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothie

I've been trying to make everything easy easy easy since our baby girl has joined us. That doesn't mean our health has to suffer! This is quite possibly the easiest green smoothie you will ever make and I highly recommend it. It is so refreshing and the bag of mixed fruit seems like just the right blend to make it smooth and sweet.

Now I use a Vitamix Blender, but I'm pretty sure you can make this in any blender. I buy the frozen Organic Wawona Daybreak Blend from Costco (when they have it) and a box of Earthbound Farm Organic Spinach. The Daybreak Blend has Peaches, Mangoes, Pineapples, and Strawberries. The spinach is triple washed so I'm not bothered with cleaning greens. I actually buy it at a local discount grocery called Grocery Outlet (oh how I love that place...) for a few bucks less than you find it at the local grocery stores. Finding an outlet store that carries organic ingredients is an AWESOME way to eat well and save $$$.

I also like to make smoothies with fresh greens from here in California, but washing greens is probably the single biggest deterrent from making a smoothie and when I am just not feeling like doing ANY extra work washing kale seems like major manual labor.

What you need:
Frozen Fruit mix - I use Wawona Organic Daybreak Blend - Frozen from Costco
Spinach - we use triple washed Earthbound Farms organic

What you do:
Grab yourself a few handfuls of your washed green spinach, chuck it in your blender. Add water and pulverize it on high in your blender. Then add in fruit until it is just popping out over your green liquid and blend on high.

This should be just the right amount of fruit to liquid but add more if it is not enough to blend. If your blender requires too much water to blend it, you can add a little juice so it doesn't get too watered down.


  1. i love smoothie never had spinach smoothies

  2. That looks delicious! I have always loved incorporating spinach in my smoothie and I literally feel so much more energized when I have spinach in my diet!

  3. Smoothies are what I need all summer long! Need to stack up frozen fruits for this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am neither a smoothie person, nor a veggie person. I have a real problem with getting my intake of vegetables in my diet! I may be willing to try a sip of someone's drink, so that I can tell for myself whether or not I would drink it!

  5. I recently had a smoothie with kale, spinach, apples and blackberries and it was the most delicious drink I've had.

  6. could this be good? Im gonna do Splenda for sure to make it taste good without sugar .

  7. Never had a spinach smoothie. May try it out.

  8. Smoothies make a great breakfast in summer. I try to make my spinach smoothies the night before so they are cold . I think spinach smoothies taste best ice cold.

  9. I love smoothies for breakfast anytime of the year! I was a little hesitant to try a smoothie with spinach, but ya know what? I did try one and it tasted so good!!

  10. This looks so delicious and easy to make!


Thanks for the comment!

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