Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nantucket Island Theme Wedding Looks to Rent NOT Buy

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Nantucket is a beautiful island, off the coast of Massachusetts, near Cape Cod. It epitomizes summer with old money and new flocking there each summer, attending casual brunches, extravagant events, and weddings, wearing flowy dresses or classy minis that reflect the hues of the ocean and beach. You may not rub elbows with the rich and famous on Nantucket Island but Rent The Runway has made sure that you sure can look like you do! 

One of their summertime lines of rental designer dresses is themed with Nantucket style in mind. Here are some of my favorites...

You will have to take a closer look at this Erin erin fetherston Floral Flutter Maxi Dress to see the beautiful butterfly print. I am loving the slit up the side for a bit of sexy, too.

This fit and flare cut is my absolute favorite and the Hunter Bell Watercolor Dive Dress not only has this super flattering cut which looks amazing on curvy girls on top but not so much on the bottom girls like myself, or ladies that are curvy on the bottom, too! This is one of their dresses in that ocean blue color palette with a pop of contrasting coral.

Here's another beautiful aqua blue by Lilly Pulitzer...

Lilly Pulitzer Blue Shell Shift $40 Rental $188 Retail

I could see myself hob-knobbing with the rich and fabulous in this. I don't even know what hob-knobbing really means and rich and fabs probably don't hob-knob like they do in the country... Let's just say I'd look cute, it's my color, and it rents for $40! $40 people, for a $188 dress.

Regardless if you are off to Ibiza to board a yacht, or going to a wedding in a barn, check out Rent the Runway before you pay full price for a dress you'll be wearing only once in a lot of pictures.


  1. These are all such cute looks!

  2. These dresses are all very nice love the look

  3. This is the perfect solution for weddings and holiday parties! I hate having to buy a dress that I will never wear again, it's such a waste. Not only do you get to wear designer clothes a a fraction of the price but since it gets rented again and again it's eco-friendlier .

  4. I love that cloud nine dress it is so beautiful!

  5. I love that cloud nine dress it is so beautiful!

  6. wow those are stunning dresses :)

    I really like the last one! very unique looking!

  7. I just rented my first dress from them. Hope I love it.

  8. I love the "On Cloud Nine" dress!!! It's gorgeous! I'd just be afraid of upstaging the bride in that dress!!!

  9. I came back to this post, i'm so obsessed with the first and the last dress. :)

    They are probably SUPER expensive though!

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My favorite is the Watercolor Dive Dress. Drooling over that one!


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