Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 2015 Florida Trip with Our 3 year old and 2 month old

Hubby had to go out to Florida to work on the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel right before opening. He wanted us to join him. Our baby would just have turned two months old. I was skeptical and scared at first, but I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to take a fun trip to one of my favorite places and see family and friends, there. Since the Pediatrician gave the baby the go ahead and her first round of shots, we went for it!

Taking a newborn on the plane for the first time is quite unsettling. You can see we are old pros at traveling with our three and half year old, but even he can be a handful at times. His Kindle Fire worked great. We made sure to load it with a movie, shows, and games.

The baby did great. She barely fussed, but when she did, Hubby was able to calm her down. She is not one of those kids calmed by breastfeeding, like my son was, so if she's not hungry, and tired, you are going to hear about it. He snuggled her and sang to her on the plane at she was out. We brought a very small throw pillow - you may be able to see it with the Dallas Cowboys logo right under Hubby's and the baby's arm. That doubles as a baby armrest and a breastfeeding pillow on a plane and fits nicely in his backpack.

We met up with our family on a VERY hot Tuesday afternoon. It is HOT in Winter Haven this time of year. It was in the low 90's and just on the border of becoming unbearable, so we settled on an afternoon of fun at the bowling alley.

It's a great idea to have plenty of indoor activities planned to beat the heat with kids, here. Plus they have beer and an arcade.

Of course we had to brave the heat and visit LEGOLAND a few times while we were here. I recommend spending 2-3 days if you want to see the entire park and do the water park.

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One good thing about the time of year between spring break and summer vacation is that the park is not crowded at all. You can pretty much do everything you want to do and get back to the hotel pool early with a sack full of LEGO to play with later in your air-conditioned room.

And speaking of rooms... you don't have to stay at the Holiday Inn anymore if you don't want to because the LEGOLAND Hotel opened its doors at the end of our week!

We got to go to the press event with Hubby to see the Grand Opening Ceremony and get a promo brick! 

You can check out my post here: LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Grand Opening

Then the guys played with the bricks inside... aaaaaaahh air-conditioning! This place is 100 feet from the park entrance. It is going to be PERFECT for all who visit here with little kids.

He could have played in here for HOURS and there are a lot more play areas and a restaurant and bar in the hotel lobby, too, so grown ups can get their drink on and kids build silly.

Don't worry, the beds are NOT made out of LEGO bricks.

Hubby made it out to the park with us one day and we walked all the way out to the Banyan Tree. It was so hot and we were burnt out by the time we got there, but I just love that tree! It reminds me of when my husband and I first came out to live in Florida in 2011 and work on building the LEGOLAND park. He took me out in his golf cart to see this amazing tree with huge heaters plugged in all around it on a rare frosty winter morning (it cannot tolerate frost). I was blown away.

I'm still blown away by this tree. The original owner of the park planted it as a tiny seedling is the story I heard... 

Of course, we also like to see what's next at LEGOLAND Florida. Here is an aerial view of the new LEGO Friends construction area taken from the Island in the Sky ride. No, I don't miss being a Project Coordinator on a construction site, or a LEGO Master Model Builder, who is often out working on LEGO models on a construction site. I much prefer being a guest, now!

This is a picture of Hubby being a "guest" and taking a nap with the baby while the boy and I are on the Island in the Sky. Gotta love that super zoooooom lens!

We got a little more time with Grandpa. This was Grandpa's idea and I'm just glad they didn't catch anything!

To wrap up our work/play vacation we did the best thing ever for our little dude. 

We took him to Dinosaur World!

Find out why Dinosaur World Beats Disney World for a Little Kid in our recent post. It really does.

This is a very cool attraction that is just perfect for the little kids, especially the really nerdy ones that know every single flippin' Dinosaur name like my guy!

What did the little girl do at Dinosaur World? Same thing she did everywhere else! Kicked in the old travel stroller. Thank goodness she was a good sport throughout this week. I know it was hot, and totally cramped her style, she still had a smile on her face. LOVE this kid!!!

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  1. Love that dinosaur park! I'd love to visit Florida some day.

  2. My nephew would love Dinosaur world!

  3. This looks so fun--I know my son would just love it!

  4. It looks like you had fun, I love seeing this we are planning a trip with our almost 2 year old and 2 month old. I've been nervous but like you said I don't want my older daughter, or us for that matter to miss out.

  5. You have a beautiful family! And, it looks like you all had a fabulous time!! I want to take my nephew, and the soon-to-come niece or nephew, to DisneyLand one day! And, I hope that we all have a great time like you did!!!

  6. Legoland looks awesome! My son will like it there maybe in a couple years.


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