Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Weight Polos and Cool Tees at Bonobos

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I was just checking out all the new Summer Polos and Tees at Bonobos. The tees are looking really nice with beautiful patterns and prints. I love the cool aqua wave tee above. See some of my picks for Hubby and get FREE shipping and free returns, too!

I think Hubby would like their Summer Weight Polos, like this brown one, below. He travels to HOT places and needs to look cool. These polos are made from cooler cotton pique, which makes them light as a feather. 

He loves brown and it looks great on him but they have a whole array of different colors!

Bonobos' Summer Shop also has these great Yarn Spun Printed Tees! These tees are made with Peruvian tanquis cotton that makes them super comfortable. It was sourced specifically for their tees and tanks. They are perfect when worn on their own or when layered. 

I WISH he would wear this one but I don't think it's him. Even if we are doing a Hawaii trip this year.

I wonder if I can get him into this... I LOVE the stripes!

You can get any of these great shirts at Bonobos' Summer Shop. Plus, you'll get free shipping and free returns!


  1. i need some new polo shirts, thanks for sharing this post

  2. That aqua wave tee is definitely something i'd wear!

  3. Lovely looking shirts!

  4. My husband would love the Hawaii one! He loves being festive at times.

  5. Love the shrits my husband need some thank yoy

  6. These would be really nice shirts for my husband and son.


Thanks for the comment!

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