Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Favorite Re-Usable Cloth Baby Wipes

With my first baby, I received a lot of these small baby washcloths as gifts. There were way more of them than I actually needed for bath time and I started using them with warm water to wipe the baby after diaper changes. After using a few different types of cloths, I settled on a pack of reusable baby washcloths from Gerber I could use as wipes and I like them the best!

I like the Gerber cloths because they are white and you can see if you got all the mess or if you still need to keep wiping. They have a terry side that picks up little bits of poo easily. These cloths are small and manageable to use (larger cloths can be awkward to use). They are a great price on Amazon.

I have changing pads in our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms so we could change the baby right next to the sink in both rooms. This way I am right next to the sink to wet my cloths to wipe the baby. If you are using a changing table, you can set up a container or water bottle to wet your cloths. My bin of used cloth wipes just go in with my bin of dirty cloth diapers. 

I happen to cloth diaper my baby 90% of the time, so I'm doing cloth diapers wash anyway. I'm not sure how this would work for someone who is not already dealing with cloth diapers, but I would suggest a simple small load wash just for the wipes. 

I love saving money from not buying wipes, and keeping all those strange chemicals off my precious little one's bum (have you read the ingredients in some of these? What is all that stuff and why would I want to wipe it on my baby 20 times a day, even the "natural" or "sensitive" ones?!)

If you want to try out cloth wipes, you can buy them using my link below.

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Buy them here:

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  1. I love these too! I think I got similar ones at Ross. Worked way better than the flannel ones I made, though not as pretty. ;)

  2. This is so cool. Never thought of using them as wipes.

  3. The best tip I ever got: Buy a package of puppy training pads and put them under your baby when you are changing them. If they pee or poop while their diaper is off, the training pad will soak it all up and you won't have to change the sheets. They also work great for laying over disgusting public changing tables, and you can just toss them when you are through and get a clean one. They aren't too expensive, we buy them at Walmart.

  4. We love using cloth wipes; I've made some, bought some, but we use mostly baby washclothes. Love them and they save so much!

  5. Great idea to save money!

  6. I had a ton of these and when I went to look for them to use as wipes I couldn't find them anywhere. That was about 3 months ago and they are still missing .

  7. Way better than disposable wipes! I haven't decided what my favorite wipes are but I know they are cloth!

  8. I love cloth wipes...but do you wash off the poo before throwing it in the wash?

    1. I would not. I just throw them in with my dirty cloth diapers, cycle in cold, no soap, then cycle in hot with soap. I usually wipe the baby's butt with the diaper first, to get most of the poo off, too.

  9. I'll have to try these the ones I use currently curl up so bad when I put them in the dryer and they stay wrinkled up if I don't flatten them out very annoying

  10. I'll have to try these the ones I use currently curl up so bad when I put them in the dryer and they stay wrinkled up if I don't flatten them out very annoying

  11. I never thought of using them as wipes. Thanks for the tip.


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