Friday, July 17, 2015

Decorating and Design: Craft Cave and Awesome Office with a View

This weekend we worked on the office/craft cave. I'm not going to show you the before pictures because I don't want anyone calling Hoarders!!! I honestly didn't take any, this time, but if you saw last time, you get the idea...

Things just got out of hand and it is so easy because this room is right near the front door. If you have a junk pile some place near your front door... imagine have an ENTIRE ROOM to make into your junk pile. Not good. Not good at all.

Anyway, my husband is world's fastest organizer. I don't know if I'm out of practice or always stuck holding a baby or feeding kids, but I can't even come close to sorting through a vicious stuff pile like he can. He is pretty easy to fire up, too.

I can plant the tiniest little seed of and idea of what we could do in a room, or in the yard, next thing you know he is swiping the credit card at Lowe's and brandishing a sledgehammer. I tread very carefully here.

With our IKEA Expedit shelving we bought a few years back, hubby added these green Dollar Tree folding fabric bins and these cute little plastic folding top stackable bins. Those were great for glues, scissors, pens, etc. The little bins fit six to a shelf.

I think we may replace the too small green bins with the actual IKEA ones, but for now, it got us organized for a few bucks. There are also the Sterilite ones that fit 8 1/2x11" stuff and work great for paintbrushes and papers.

He organized the closet, too. All IKEA tables in the room as well and my face made out of LEGO! How Scandinavian of us. This is going to be a fun place to work.

The boy already got to work, here. There is one of the stackable bins filled with glitter and glitter glue. So organized! Unbelievable!

My view is coming together in the front yard... There will be more growing in, soon. Much more, starting with an olive tree that will cover the blue house. For now, it has an ancient desert ruins feel to it and I love it.

Are you dizzy, yet from all these projects? So are we!!! Keep watching because we are going to be tearing the roof off this place in the next month. Literally and seriously tearing the roof off and getting a new one. Don't worry. We are hiring a professional for that one, but I'll be documenting it here for sure.

For now, let's hope we can keep this place clean and organized. I really hope so!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the naughty one! Mister Cat? Definitely!


  1. Such a tidy office! I need to show this as an example to the boyfriend!

  2. I love Ikea for their amazing storage ideas!!! And the dollar store for their cheap and amazing finds!!!

  3. So organized! Thanks for sharing!

  4. so organized and tidy love it you came up with really great ideas.

  5. I love your (husband's) organizational skills! I had to do something similar with my dvd's. I had a tv on one stand, and a tall bookshelf, cut in two halves, filled with dvd's! It was a mess! I finally found a large entertainment unit with several shelves, or cubby holes...and was able to fit all of my tv, bluray, pvr, and dvd's into it!

  6. These cubby holes, with baskets, are a great way to organize your home! You can use the baskets for clothes, toys, pens/pencils/markers, or whatever!

  7. I love organizing! It's my top priority, and I don't have many! I spend at least 20mins after someone leaves my house, putting everything back where it's supposed to go! I have a compulsive disorder when it comes to organization!!!

  8. I love the cubby holes in the wall unit....filled with coloured baskets for identification!!! I love organizing!

  9. Very nice office/craft area. It is so well organized. I like that it has a view also giving the room lots of natural light.

  10. Oh wow. I would love to do this to my craft area, thank you for sharing with me.

  11. I love this! I am de-hoarding at my house :)


Thanks for the comment!

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