Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Easy Vegan Avocado Breakfast Toast with Tomatoes

Had to share my new favorite breakfast. I had seen a lot of my Instagram idols posting pictures of avocado on toast with various fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sauce, dressing, and spices. I decided to start simple and EASY like usual, and easy does it with this!

What you need:
Cracked or regular black pepper

What you do:

I toasted some seed, healthy, Eureka bread. Then I sliced up my avocado into little squares. I cut up my delicious Heirloom tomatoes into little squares, too.

Then I spread my avocado squares evenly onto my toasted bread. Then I add my tomato squares.

Then I sprinkle some salt and a generous amount of cracked pepper.

Finally, I smoosh it all down a little before I eat!

I'm really excited to try new foods on my toast. Next time I'm adding some onion...

I've gotten all these beautiful avocados and Heirloom tomatoes from Farm Fresh to You, here in California.

I LOVE it and #noanimalsharmed


  1. This looks and sounds so good. I could eat this no matter what time of day. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This looks very yummy! I have never tried avocados before!!!

  3. This sounds like something I would love. Avocados are usually pretty expensive here but they are on sale at my grocery store this week so I am going to try this.

  4. that looks really delicious looks good to have at any time of the day looks like a nice snack too

  5. Thank you for sharing your recipe for Avocado Breakfast Toast with Tomatoes. It makes me very hungry just looking at your photos.

  6. Looks absolutely delicious! More recipes for avocados!

  7. Looks wonderful! I love avocados!!

  8. The avacado breakfast toast looks delicious. This would make a nice healthy breakfast that is quick to get

  9. This looks so delish! I'll have to try this!


Thanks for the comment!

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