Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Get the VERY Best Macy's Deals and 20% Off Coupon Code for August Dates

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I grew up shopping the Macy's One Day Sale for back-to-school. Those are the sales to end all sales. Not only do you find tons of cute and designer stuff marked down, but you can really clean up on the clearance racks. There are great deals all around and coupon codes to get you 20% off your entire purchase. I thought I'd share my some of my tricks for saving a ton of cash at Macy's and saving way more than the listed price of clothing since we are all probably shopping for back-to-school!

With Back-to-school happening already, the rush to get the look is on for the the tween, teen, and college bound. I'm looking for all the great deals on all the shorts and tees we can still wear for the next few months here by the beach, plus stocking up on clearance at rock bottom prices for next year.

How do I get the VERY best deals at Macy's?

Here is my strategy for slashing that sale price:

First, I swing by and check out the CASH BACK. Cash Back from ShopAtHome is the best way to get more savings above and beyond sales, coupons, and clearance. Once signed in or signed up for ShopAtHome, you can see the percentage of Cash Back you can earn when you make a purchase after clicking any one of their Macy's links.

Then I select a Macy's coupon code or sale link from The link will take me to Macy's and I can shop. At Macy's you will get to use the coupon code when you check out.

Shop their Macy's One Day Sale 8/14-8/15
Next, I shop a Macy's One Day Sales online, when everything is marked down to the lowest prices. You can sort by price, size, whatever makes it easy to spend the least while getting the most!

Always shop clearance for next years wardrobe. I like to get the closeout deals on tee shirts, and summer-wear at the end of the season when Macy's is trying to make room for all the fall, winter, and back-to-school. I always find great stuff and ridiculous prices. Just click the Special Offers search tool on the left and all the clearance/closeout clothing will be displayed.

Also, when you use, you earn Shopgold points which you can earn and use towards gift cards. Are you keeping track of how great we doing with maxing out our savings?

Finally, I use my credit card that gets points for travel. You can use a credit card that gets cash back, your Macy's card, whatever gives you the BEST deal. With all the travel points we save up while shopping, we get flights, hotels, and entrance to the exclusive airport lounges for my husbands non-stop travel. The bonuses just keep on coming!

The bottom line is that it is all about how much you can save and how much new and great stuff you can get at Macy's.

Get 20% off with code BTS 
on 8/9-8/13, 8/16-8/19, 8/23-8/25

Shop Macy's and SAVE through right now!


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  2. Any advice on how to save money in this economy is welcome! Thanks!


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