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Top 5 Attractions to Enjoy During Your Texas Trip

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Alamo in San Antonio, Texas (3654943319)

By OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons (Alamo in San Antonio, Texas) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. Also known as the “Lone Star State,” Texas features an abundance of cultural attractions and natural assets. Its south central position offers an abundance of landscapes, from canyons and mountains to cave systems, desert regions and splendid coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. It also has great world-class cities that attract visitors from all over the world. Texas is also among the most multicultural states. And since it was once a colony of Spain, the Spanish influence is still evident. Texas is among the Outdoor-Traveler destinations, and here you can find great accommodations to suit your needs. There are lots of attractions in Texas, and here are just a few.

1. The Alamo

The Alamo is located in the eastern borders of San Antonio, and it is among the most significant historic sites in the US. The Alamo was constructed in 1744 by the Franciscans, and in 1836, it had been transformed into a fort. It became prominent during the Texan independence war when a tiny force barricaded themselves in it against a mighty Mexican army of 3,000 strong men. Unfortunately, all the 187 defenders were killed. However, the “Remember Alamo” cry rallied the state and eventually the Mexicans were defeated

2. The Sixth Floor Museum

The fatal shot that killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was fired from the 6th floor of the Texas School Books Depository, Dallas. This building now houses the Sixth Floor Museum that details the account of JFK’s assassination as well as his legacy. This includes information about his presidential campaigns as well as his term as president. All this information is supported by historical photos, artifacts, and footage. Also nearby is the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial with a massive monument that is dedicated to President JFK.

3. Space Center Houston

The Space Center Houston is located at a 30-minute drive from the center of Houston, and it is among the state’s most popular attractions. It also hosts NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. This is the monitoring center for NASA’s manned space flights. The space center offers great insight into the affairs of the world’s biggest space program. It includes models, exhibits, astronauts-related artifacts, film shows, and samples of rocks from the moon displayed in the Visitors Center. Other features include objects gathered during the Apollo, Mercury and Gemini space programs, and an opportunity to dress up as an astronaut. Here you can also experience a space simulator and view real rockets.

This image is public domain from Wikimedia Commons

4. Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park is situated in the southwestern part of the state. It is among the most renowned wilderness areas in Texas. Placed at an altitude between 7,879 feet and 1,870 feet, the park comprises of three zones. These are the Chisos Mountains, the Rio Grande, and the bare landscape of the Chihuahuan Desert. The park harbors over 400 bird species including the Roadrunners and golden eagles and 1,100 plant species.

5. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

If you are eager to see the best desert scenery, you should visit the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Located on the northeastern side of the Texas, about 100 miles west of El Paso, this park is home to gazillion wildlife that includes golden eagles. The scene around the El Capitan and the Guadalupe Peak is fantastic. The Guadalupe Peak is the highest point in Texas, and it is especially popular with the hikers because of the 80 miles of trails that cut through lush springs and breathtaking woodland canyons.

Texas is full of exciting features that will impress every kind of traveler. From the national parks to NASA’s rockets, you are bound to enjoy your stay in Texas whether alone or with your family.


  1. I've never been to Texas, but I would love to visit the Space Center!

  2. ive never been to texas but the places look very nice i wanna go there someday

  3. I have not been to these attractions but have always wanted to go to the Alamo. My son is into history so it would be extra fun for him.

  4. All of these attractions are so great. I love to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park the most. Looks like a big adventure!

  5. Such a wondeful place to hangout. I love it. Soon to visit texas.

  6. Texas is beautiful lots of hidden gems :)


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