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Best LEGO DUPLO Sets for 2015 and Our Train Tunnel Island

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One of our favorite toy themes is LEGO DUPLO. I used to be a LEGO Master Model Builder over at LEGOLAND California and everyone used to tease me over my love of DUPLO. 

Now that I have little kids, I get to realize my dreams of playing with piles of the chunkier, smoother LEGO bricks usually enjoyed by the younger set. My husband and I worked on this Train Tunnel Island with a little help from the kids.

We love DUPLO because it is a ton of fun for my almost 4 year old boy and relatively safe around our 8 month old girl. It is easy to build with and you can make something really cool that you can play with in a relatrively short amount of time. You can follow the simple instructions or you can get creative and build what you like.

There is nothing like opening a big colorful box of DUPLO bricks from the sound it makes when you shake it until the clatter when you brake it down. That is why it is always one of my favorite holiday gifts.

This year, for the holidays, I took a look at all the newest and some of my favorites from last year to give you my top picks for gifts.

Want to enjoy some building time with the little kids? Here are our favorite DUPLO sets for this year. They make great gifts, there is a theme for almost everyone and if you get a enough of them you can build almost anything you like. There is nothing like a pile of DUPLO boxes under the tree!

Best DUPLO Sets for 2015

1. Sofia the First Royal Castle

Castles are always fun and Sofia the First is HOT right now. Plus her DUPLO minifigure is adorable. It is easy to build and fun to play with. That's why this is one of my favorite DUPLO sets this season!

2. Disney Princess Collection

Into the Disney Princesses, then I recommend this cute trio of princesses DUPLO set. Before this set, you had to buy 3 different sets to get all of these figures. I'm buying 2 -  one for me and one for the baby, because Disney branded sets are going to go up in value for sure once they are retired, especially this one.

3. Big Royal Castle

Big Royal Castle on - $59.99

Not so much into princesses and knights and medieval castles more your little one's thing? This is the perfect set to play siege with. It even has a working cannon!

4. LEGO DUPLO Park Forest

One of our favorite things are our bin of DUPLO animals we have collected. The is the latest in big animal theme sets and the family of deer is just so cute! This is a must have for the little animal lover.

5. LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes The Joker Challenge

The LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes The Joker Challenge is awesome for the cool collectible figures, the Batmobile and the DUPLO bat! This is a fun set and one I would recommend for the collector's closet, too!

6. Lego Duplo 10505 Legoville Family House

Play House on $59.99
Lego Duplo 10505 Legoville Family House on

A dollhouse is always a hit, and this one is fully customizable! A little one who likes to play house would have loads of fun with this one.

7. Deluxe Train Set

Deluxe Train Set on $109.99

You literally cannot go wrong with ANY kid with a train set. It is fun to lay out, fun to play with, and easy to clean up. Plus, you can build your own landmarks with your other DUPLO bricks to create a one of a kind train layout that is also easy to clean up when you're over it.

8. DUPLO Base Plates

DUPLO Base Plate on

Don't forget your base plates! If you want to have a lot of fun with DUPLO, I recommend adding in some building plates. This makes building easy, fun, and movable! They make an excellent add on to a gift.

Why not add a nice bin of mixed DUPLO bricks while you're at it! You can never have too many bricks. Grab one of these for some bricks: LEGO DUPLO My First 10618 Creative Building Box.

9. Creative Ice Cream

Creative Ice Cream on - $14.99

You still cannot beat the play value of this simple Ice Cream Set. It is easy enough for the little ones and carries them all the way through childhood with playing shop/restaurant/kitchen. I need two of these! One is just not enough for our pop-up Ice Cream Shop.

You cannot go wrong with a little girl or boy with any of these sets. Plus, most of them have a set that is in a lower or higher price point, so if you like the set, check them out on and see what other sets are available to either stack a gift or stuff a stocking.

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