Monday, November 16, 2015

SUPER Easy Greens and Fruit Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Do you want to get some greens into your body fast? This is one of the easiest green smoothies we make in our house and it is so healthy! This is a fan favorite with both the grown-ups and kids alike. If you've never had a green smoothie before this is a great place to start. It is cool, refreshing and the palatable for even my picky eaters.

We use the frozen Wawona mix from Costco because it is organic and it is just a perfect blend. There are similar blends in the grocery stores but I always recommend organic if you can find it and can afford it and Costco really has the best deal.

The greens really don't matter. I have some Dinosaur kale and red leaf lettuce in this one but you can make a smoothie with spinach, Romaine, pretty much anything green.

What you need:
Kale, Lettuce, or any greens
Frozen fruit mix (I use Wawona USDA organic from Costco)

What you do:
First blend the greens with a little bit of water. For 3 smoothies, I fill my Vitamix with greens and about 2 cups of water and blend until liquefied.

Then I add the frozen fruit up to the point that they are are all covered by the green juice and blend until smooth. Add more frozen fruit and or greens if too thin. Add more water if it won't blend or it is too thick.

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