Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Green Kids Crafts Monthly Craft Box Subscription

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I'm a busy work at home mom of a almost 4 year old and 8 month old and my son only goes to preschool 2 mornings a week. The other couple of days I feel like I'm struggling to keep him from turning into a screen zombie. I almost gave in to a visual animation binge for the little guy this week, but I was saved when we received a complimentary Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts.

Green Kid Crafts has sustainable arts, crafts, and STEM science activities packed into neat little eco-friendly boxes. Their goal is to promote creativity, build confidence, and teach respect for the environment. They . Green Kid Crafts donates a portion of every sale to environmental charities and they are certified carbon neutral in the production of their kits. 

We received a Green Kid Crafts Dinosaur Discovery box and we loved it!

My son could barely wait to get his hands on it.

There were a ton of things to do packed into this tiny box. There were 3 little kits inside and each kit had at least one if not two activities and almost everything you needed to do it. Plus, there was a there is a cute wooden toy, sticker, and more included. The kits contained almost everything you need for each craft and activity and it kept my son entertained for hours.

My son was able to do much of each activity on his own with a little bit of my help. Each held my sons interest for a significant period of time and he had a blast. I couldn't believe I actually did paper mache with a little kid and was terrified of the mess factor but we both enjoyed it. 

I stayed close by but let the little guy do much of it on his own and glitter was the only thing that got permanently stuck to the baby!

Green Kid Crafts has small creativity kits, party favor kits, as well as their STEM science kits and Discovery boxes. You can purchase a monthly subscriptions of the science crafts boxes and you will get a quantity discount. Past themes have included Mad Scientist, Nocturnal Animals, Around the World, Outer Space, and Feathered Friends. Subscriptions start at only $16.95 /month, and sibling subscriptions are also available.

Before we even finished hours, literally hours of crafting with the Dinosaur Discovery kit, I was already thinking about who I should ask to get this for my son for Christmas. I think these boxes and subscriptions would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift. Green Kid Crafts has a ton of certifications, awards, and recommendations and they are getting another one from me...

... and from this guy!

Check out the Green Kid Craft boxes because I'm sure any 3-10 year old will love them as much as mine did!


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