Saturday, April 9, 2016

SoCal is in Full Bloom - Check out the Carlsbad Flower Fields

We try to swing by the Carlsbad Flower Fields every year with the kiddos. This year we went on the weekend for a special event and WOW was it crowded. We made it, though. We got through.

Not only do they grow an impressive display of ranunculus and an American Flag display out of flowers, but there are more curated gardens, a vintage playground, a sweet pea maze and more at this beautiful seasonal attraction.

Want to go on the weekend, when it's crowded? Enter as close to Palomar Airport road as possible then head right into the parking lot to their overflow parking if you are their during a busy time. There is a second gate on that end, so you are more likely to find parking there, and be able to enter at the far end of the field.

Should you buy the tractor ride ticket? YES
You should definitely take the tractor ride. You get a raised perspective and you get to see both the ranunculus and the American flag field.

Where to eat in the hood?
As usual, we ended up at Veggie Grill to eat a vegan dinner but next time we may go during the week to see the flowers and do a little shopping at the Outlets or to LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND has a Pizza Pasta Buffet that we really like too.

Overcast weather made it feel so cold here. Totally different climate than at our house which is only 15 minutes inland.

The lighting can be really nice for pictures when you take advantage of a thick marine layer.

It is certainly not easy to get a decent picture of these two. This is as good as it gets! Thank you, flowers!

We met up with some of our besties and explored the place with their stamp map.

Dad did all of the baby-wearing.

They will be open March 1st through May 8th, 2016 9am to 6pm daily. 
Check out The Flower Fields for more info.

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