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Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Singapore

We recently took a trip to Singapore and we were very pleased to find quite a bit of delicious vegan food. I am a vegan, my husband is mostly vegetarian, the kids are vegetarians and they are all picky eaters. Singapore is a country with many different cultures and 5 major religions, so you will find a wide variety of food there and vegan and vegetarian food is not too difficult to find. We sampled food in a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese fusion restaurant, the awesome hotel we stayed at, and even a take out place, all accessible on foot as we explored the city.

Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restuarant is said to be the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. This is one of those places that you KNOW has to have good food because of the lack of decoration and atmosphere. It was kind of like walking into an old Chinese woman's home, complete with a couple of women making food at a table across from us.

I asked about the food being vegan and she confirmed that they don't use dairy or eggs. There were a lot of menu options and we had no idea where to start but the waitress suggested a few dishes and we ordered all of them. She asked us about spiciness and I said not to make it spicy because my husband and kids don't like it.

We started out with pickled veggies (which was the only spicy item) and big pile of fried wontons. I thought it was a little too much for our small family but we managed to eat the entire plate. Then we had some vegetable dishes and fried rice.

I thought the food was simple, fresh, and delicious. I would have probably liked it more had it been spicy, but my husband and kids LOVED all of it. They are all picky eaters (just need to drive that point home) so this was exactly the kind of food that made them happy.

We talked about going back there before we left town but with all the other options, we never did. It is cash only and I've seen that reservations are recommended but we walked in, it was not crowded and we enjoyed an excellent meal.

I made this plate up with a little bit of everything on the table. 

We always grab a few small LEGO sets when traveling with kids. They help us get through meals without any issue.

How I feel when I get vegan food! 

I should have gotten the picture before the plate of wontons was attacked. These are a MUST here. 

Hotel Clover (What we ate for breakfast in the hotel where we stayed)

We started our days eating breakfast at our Hotel which had a little salad bar, a little hot food spread, some fruit, toast, coffee, and juices. I was able to make up a nice little vegan plate for myself each day and the rest of my crew were also able to find enough to eat to satisfy their vegetarian palettes. Although it is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian, we were all happy with the spread.

I made up a plate like this each day. I'm not 100% sure the samosa was vegan but it was vegetables inside so it could have been.

Just Jus

After enjoying the experience of the Singapore Flyer, we were happy to find a little juice bar downstairs with a variety of smoothie options as well as fresh fruit cups and snacks. We liked it so much we visited again when we came back to do the Duck Boat tour.

She loved her smoothie!!!


We headed out to find Pita Pan at The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel but both of our kids fell asleep (which is pretty rare!!!) on the way from all the heat and excitement I'm sure.

We happened to notice Bazin, a bar/restaurant facing the water, had different beers advertised and thought it would be nice for the adults to enjoy a beer. I stood at the bar height table with the baby on my back the entire time (which actually worked perfectly for me) because our big boy was crashed out in the stroller which I rolled under the air-conditioner. Singapore is HOT in the summer - perfect weather for COLD beer.

Bazin also has a whole bunch of vegetarian food on the menu, some of it quite possibly vegan or could be made that way. There were hummus dishes, including hummus pizza, chips and salsa, guacamole, pasta, and a veggie burger! (Their menu is all listed on their site.) I had been craving a veggie burger so I went for it. I can't say if it is 100% vegan but there was no cheese, I asked for no butter on the roll, and the dressing on the side salad was oil and vinegar so I felt pretty safe.

I wouldn't say it was the best veggie burger I had ever had, but it was good if you just need that burger option or you are looking for someplace that has something for everyone with beer and wine in this area. My hubs had the pita and hummus plate and that was nice with the beer, too. I don't know why I didn't get a picture, probably because we haven't had a date night in like FOREVER and it almost felt like one here while we were having beer and good convo and laughs together while the babes slept.

You can access this restaurant from the mall or outside on the boardwalk.

Soooo, after this, we did some more sight-seeing and did take out at Pita Pan that evening before we went back to our hotel.

Pita Pan

Pita Pan is awesome. It is at the very end of The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands near the bridge. It is accessible from inside or outside the mall. They have customize-able pita and hummus sandwiches and these beautiful combo platters where you choose all your different foods to enjoy, as well as pita pizzas, french fries, and beer. The combo platter was a wee bit pricey and is marketed as a shared plate but I could easily have consumed the entire thing on my own. Everything looks really good here. It's a tough call.

It is all vegetarian but it is very easy to do any of their dishes vegan style and everything was really fresh and delicious.

It was so good that when we were in the area around lunchtime the next day we ate there again. Eat in or take out, this place is delish! There are several Pita Pan locations in this area but we only ate at this one.

Just look at all those veggies!!! Yum!

Herbivore at Fortune Centre

This place was the nicest most upscale venue we visited while we were in Singapore. It is a Japanese fusion restaurant so sushi, noodles, and then also some burgers western cuisine. The food is all vegetarian but they can show you which dishes are vegan or can be made vegan. Their menu is all digital and you choose what you would like on the tablet to place your order. We got wontons, a noodle soup, a fried "chicken" dish and some sushi.

Our baby was asleep and our son had snacked his way around the city and really didn't care for anything on the menu besides the edamame. It isn't really a kid friendly place, necessarily, but thank goodness for LEGO! Bring your kids a LEGO set or iPad and you are all set to #eatalltheveganfood.

We LOVED everything. The food was beautiful, looked just like the photos on the menu, and tasted as amazing as it looked.

Like the glass? He did too... until it hit the table and shattered into a million pieces on the floor. I blame the restaurant for giving a 4 year old what was essentially a ticking time bomb... oops :(

Edamame and LEGO and he's set.

Little India

I really love Indian food, style, and culture so when I noticed there was an area called Little India in Singapore I knew it would be worth a visit. I didn't find any place in particular that was vegan but we visited one of their vegetarian restaurants and it was really good.

You order at the counter, here. We were really hungry, again, as usual, but the kids were losing their minds so my hubs just went for it on his own and ordered a menu item with a variety of foods to try for us.

A lot of it was seriously SO spicy. I know I mentioned I liked spicy but it was on FIRE. Like seriously FIIIIIRE!!! There was that little cup of yogurt on the platter we ordered and although I shoved it aside at first, I just decided to reset my vegan clock right then and there to try and stop the fire.

I'm not sure I would opt to do this again. I normally try to eat completely vegan unless it's an emergency. This food was so spicy, in the moment it became an emergency. My husband couldn't handle it and just took a pass, and the kids were back in the snack bag we brought from home again after picking at some rice and naan. It was waaay too spicy for them to even try.

If you like spicy food and don't mind if there is some yogurt, ghee, or dairy in your food, then it is a great place to stop, but otherwise bring a snack because the area is seriously so fun to walk and shop around.

My face when I eat spicy food. 

We seriously enjoyed Singapore so much. Sightseeing was super-fun, vegan food is available, vegetarian food is abundant, and it is totally worth a visit with kids. Although the heat was borderline unbearable in August, cold beer and air-conditioning were not too hard to find.

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