Thursday, October 27, 2016

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for Vegetarians and Vegans in Singapore

On our recent trip to Singapore, we stopped in The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands and went to the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for a special lunch for the kiddos. Our kids are vegetarian, actually mostly vegan, but they reserve the right to eat vegetarian food when they are out and about or at a Birthday party and such. When my son, who is a superhero fan, saw this place, we had to stop in and see if they had anything to offer. We were able to find something for the kiddos, but the menu was not vegan friendly at all and had only a quesadilla, french fries, drinks and desserts for the kids. So yes. They were super happy and give it 5 vegetarian stars.

The decor and cute food was really fun and exciting for the kids. We had to ask them to hold everything but the cheese on the quesadilla for my son and just ordered fries for our little girl. Fries happen to be her absolute hands down favorite food so there was no complaining. As far as fries go, they weren't what I would consider the best, but they did the trick.

They have a TON of drinks on the menu. Some drinks are healthier than others with real fruit and fruit juice, so of course I ordered the kids a couple of those. I would say this was my favorite part of the menu because they were really creative combos and came in cute glasses that went along with the theme. For the grown-ups, they have beer and wine so Mom and Dad were covered.

My hubs and I actually drank our lunch at DC Comics cafe but it was no big deal because you can get excellent vegan food at Pita Pan right across from DC Comics. You can check out my post on vegan and veg food in Singapore for a little more info on that.

Finally, we ordered the kids dessert. They both wanted the blue Superman cupcake and I had to gulp the last bit of my beer to let the healthy, no food coloring, vegan helicopter mom just let it go.

There is a full retail store and dessert counter where you can just place orders to go if you want to grab some fun treats and don't want to sit down. We actually took our cupcakes to go because the grown-ups were hungry and the service at this place was not much better than their vegetarian selection.

All in all, the DC Comics Cafe was a fun experience and the kids really enjoyed it. If your kids are 100% vegan it could even work to just have drinks here as long as you eat first. If you guys are vegetarian or just vegetarian when you are on vacation, we had no problem with customizing the quesadilla and the dessert menu was really a vegetarian's and foodie paradise.

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