Tuesday, November 1, 2016

LEGOLAND Dubai Opening and Miniland MEGA Post

Dubai is all about the bigger, better, taller, richer, more opulent, most over-the-top right? We have done a lot of LEGOLAND and LEGO posts on this blog and on my old Brick-Star blog over the years but today, LEGOLAND Dubai finally opened and we have probably our largest ever post of photos so you can check it out in all their Miniland's fresh new LEGO city glory.

In true Dubai fashion. I give you the MEGA post of all Mega posts. Let's see if we can take down the server on this one. I've always wanted that to happen.


  1. Fantastic photos of a fantastic display. WOW!!!!! How many hours did you spend taking all these lovely shots?

    1. My husband took them. He said only about 2 hours which explains why a lot of them might be blurry or poorly lit. I am usually more thorough but I really loved seeing all his pics and angles so I posted probably about 50-80% of his pics without editing at all. (Normally I edit all my photos like crazy but somehow it is easier to let go if someone else takes them). :)


Thanks for the comment!

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