Monday, October 24, 2016

Discovery Center Osaka Mega-photo post with All the Funny Miniland Pics

Hooray! We got to visit yet another LEGOLAND Discovery Center, this time in Osaka, Japan. I'm not going to bore you with too many details. I've written about these places before and they are all basically all the same format so if you've never been to one, I suggest you read this post as well. Our family is a little LEGO crazy and we had a fun-filled day of playing with LEGO, checking out their Miniland display, racing cars, riding their rides, playing in their Ninjago room, and of course shopping in their store. I also took a ton of photos so for those of you that would simply prefer the complete visual tour, you got it!

Woohoo! A giant DUPLO Giraffe!

First things first. There were some Pokemon we've never seen outside. This area is rich with lures. Now I just need one to get them inside the Discovery Center...

Um... seriously guys?! You know there is a LEGO store inside this building right?!

We're in!

And now we are waiting again...

There are 2 rides inside the Discovery Center Osaka and they are both fun. You can go on both rides as many times as you like. There is a height restriction on Merlin's Apprentice but the Kingdom Quest the child just needs to be able to sit up on her own (no lap sitting).

There's also a 4D movie theater and a cool interactive Factory Tour area which I think is actually much cooler than the one in Tokyo.

This attraction has a Build and Test area where you build and race your own cars. 

... a play area...

... an area for little kids...

... an earthquake table... shake it, baby.

... a cafe. Not supposed to bring your own food in here. I'm not good at following rules because I'm a vegan and just like non-vegans, I also get hungry. I haven't been thrown out of one of these places, yet, as I eat my raw vegan organic granola bar on the DL. They had bananas, and maybe one or two other things but that just doesn't sustain me for the 5 hours that my kids want to stay in this place... we usually buy something if there is something we like but the choices are limited.

There's also a Model Builder class that you can sign up for.

DUPLO and soft LEGO play area

This is where I get really proud. At the last Discovery Center, my husband and son build a real piece of... well let's just say their car exploded on the first run. I walked by the Build and Test area with the baby and noticed they were taking shortcuts again. I asked my husband nicely to make sure he didn't bring shame upon our family. We are MODEL BUILDERS for goodness sake. He stepped up his game and won EVERY SINGLE RACE.

Some quick tips... make your race car nice and long (not short and squatty) and take the time to build a solid vehicle by using a lot of technic axles and pins to lock everything together. These cars take a beating on the long ramp and need to survive flying off the end and hitting the floor. PLUS if you do a poor job, you will have to waste a ton of time rebuilding your car from a pile of pieces over and over again instead of getting to stand back and enjoy some smartphone time while your kid creams the other kids for an hour or so without you.

The Ninjago area was a lot of fun!

Of course, my favorite area is the Miniland! Want to see all our Miniland pics?

I could tell right away when I saw this place that the American shop that I used to work for built the little Minifigure scenes. There are some really funny little "Easter eggs" in this display and I had a great time finding them while the boy played with Dad and the baby napped in her carrier on my back. 

Like this gem. A little too much sake maybe?

This cracked me up with the guys falling over taking a picture and the kid up the lightpost. Lolz!

An alien encounter! Haha.

Look! It's me and the hubs on date night!

... and after date night.

It happens to the best of us. 

The Yakuza!

The Yakuza again! 

Four suits standing around one worker. Must be government work.

Back to the party! Yay!!!!

It's a LEGO guy so we can laugh, right? hahahaha

There's so many funny little scenes in the stands at the baseball game. A row of people in their underwear, Sponge Bobs, an alien... you seriously need to spend a little time looking here for some giggles. I love that the designers have a sense of humor. 

We had lots of fun at the Discovery Center Osaka and when you spend the entire day at a LEGO attraction with your littles... you earned it! Put the kids to bed and pop the bottle! A good time was had by all.

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