Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cute Veggie Turkey and Hummus Snacks

As a 25 year vegetarian and a more recently vegan, I don't do Turkey on Thanksgiving. The only kinds of Turkeys we eat are made out of vegetables. This year I made a CUTE snack with easy whole food ingredients and they were delish! 

I made these and we ate them right away after the photo shoot. If you are making these in advance, I would suggest a small slice of bread because the cracker got soggy after 10 minutes. They look like little works of art but they are actually pretty easy.

What you need:

Cracker (if serving immediately) - Use bread like slices of french bread if making in advance
Cherry tomatoes and/or black olives
Fresh basil
Paprika (optional)

What you do:

Put a Tbsp or so hummus on your bread or cracker. All the other veggies and legumes stick right into the hummus.

The beak and legs are cut from the carrot feather scraps, a tomato or olive body, a chick pea or garbonzo bean head, and fresh basil leaf "feathers". 

I think it's good to cut a whole section of carrot "tail feathers" at a time to make it easier.

Some family members hate tomatoes and/or olives, so sometimes I just make carrot pumpkins for those guys. I liked either one and shook some paprika on top right before I consumed whole!

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