Thursday, November 10, 2016

Socially-Conscious, Healthy Snack Connoisseurs Say Yipee to Hippeas

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Right when some people were getting ready to give up on packaged snack foods for good, Green Park Brands introduced a snack that resonates with consumers’ desires to eat healthier, help others and be good stewards of the environment. The new snack is called Hippeas, and its star ingredient is the humble yet amazingly versatile chickpea. Hippeas is not your mother’s snack pack, and after tasting the treats, you’ll likely not need her to remind you to eat your peas ever again.

Here are just some of the reasons why Hippeas continues to be picked up by popular retailers such as Whole Foods, Starbucks and Amazon.

Hippeas Leads the Clean Snacking Revolution

For years, consumers have settled for packaged snacks that had little nutritive value and were full of chemicals that were used to trick the taste buds. A new generation of snack consumers are armed with dietary information that makes them a lot more discriminating about what they choose to put in their mouths. They want snack products that are made from clean, natural ingredients which have not been genetically modified. These snacks must also be flavorful. The snack-making geniuses behind Hippeas simply gave them what they wanted, and many consumers attest that the snack exceeds their expectations.

Hippeas is certified organic, which means that its ingredients contain very little residue from toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Its organic certification also signals that the product’s contents come from non-genetically modified sources. Since Hippeas is gluten-free, it is also a great snack option for people who suffer from gluten-related digestive problems. The snack is vegan, kosher and it contains no monosodium glutamate, which is known to cause neurological issues in some people. Hippeas also does not compromise on taste and texture. The snack’s crispy chickpea puffs come in tantalizing flavors such as Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Maple Haze and Happenin’ Hickory. Hippeas satisfies cravings for savory as well as sweet tasting snacks that have a familiar crunchy texture.

Hippeas Helps to End the Perpetual Cycle of Poverty in East Africa

Hippeas has partnered with Farm Africa, a non-profit charity, to help chickpea farmers in East Africa. A percentage of the sales from each Hippeas snack pack goes to offer these farmers a helping hand up that creates lasting positive change. Under the right circumstances, the Farm Africa charity recipients of today could become prime suppliers of chickpeas for Hippeas snacks tomorrow.

Hippeas Supports Sustainable Farming Practices

Choosing the chickpea as the base of Hippeas snack products was no accident. The adaptable legume was primarily selected for its ability to masterfully convey different flavors and a crunchy texture after proper processing. However, growing chickpeas is also a sustainable farming practice that actually puts nitrogen, which is a natural fertilizer, back into the soil. Chickpea crops require less water for production than many other competing grain and vegetable crops as well.

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