Monday, January 9, 2017

Five Ways to Enhance the Natural Light in a Room

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The presence of natural light can make any room in a home seem more inviting. Some people look for homes with skylights and bay windows because they love to see natural light pouring in. A place like Invitation Homes leases many homes that offer lots of natural light. Perhaps you have a favorite room in your home that lets in quite a bit of natural light, but you find yourself wishing for more. Well, here are some simple ways you can enhance the natural light that flows into your favorite room.

Add Some Curtains to the Windows

Take a look at the curtains on the windows in your favorite room. Even if they’re open, dark colored curtains can block a lot of natural light from making its way into a room. One solution is to replace dark curtains with white curtains that reflect the light throughout the room. When they are closed, sheer white curtains allow you a little bit of privacy while letting natural light pour into the room. White curtains made of cotton, voile and lace accomplish the same purpose.

Repaint the Walls

What color are the walls in your favorite room? If your walls are painted in a dark color, try repainting them white. Or, you could paint them a pale pastel blue, green or yellow. These light colors reflect the sunlight coming through a window or skylight. This gives the room an airy, pleasant atmosphere.

Change the Carpeting

If you have dark carpeting in your favorite room you may want to consider replacing it with white or beige carpeting. Once again, these soft colors reflect the natural light sending it all around the room. It’s amazing what a new white carpet can do for a room in a need of a little extra light.

Cover the Furniture

If you have a collection of dark furniture in your favorite room, you may want to purchase some slipcovers. Slipcovers are available in white, pale blue, beige and other light colors. Slipcovers in these colors will immediately lighten up the atmosphere of the room. Plus, buying slipcovers for your dark furniture is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new sofa, chairs and even a loveseat.

Put Up a Mirror

A large mirror in your favorite room can reflect the sunlight coming in through your windows. This is an easy way to make the most of the sunlight entering the room. In addition to serving that purpose, you can choose a mirror with a lovely gilt frame to add style to the décor. Or, you may want to choose a mirror in an intriguing shape that goes along with a theme in your favorite room. A mirror is not just a practical item, it can be a highlight of your room’s décor.

Finally, if you plan to lease a home from a place like Invitation Homes you probably want to get one with carpeting and walls that make the most of the natural light. Natural light contributes to the warmth of a home as well as the level of comfort enjoyed by its occupants.

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