Friday, January 6, 2017

What to Do with Kids in Singapore

We had a great trip with the kiddos to Singapore. Not only was there plenty of great food but there was tons of sightseeing and activities to do. Although there are a lot of zoo and animal encounter type activities, we are happy to report that we avoided all of those attractions and entertained ourselves with very interesting and exciting experiences, sightseeing, shopping, and tours. Although we can't say whether or not the zoos and tours are kind or cruel to the animals, we usually try to err on the side of caution and stick to places that have a very good reputation for conservation and care and since there was so many other things to do with the little kids, I don't think we missed out at all.

Duck Tour

Right in the same building where you can ride the Singapore Flyer you can purchase tickets and climb about a boat that drives around town on land and then launches into the water. Not only is it a great way to get a quick tour of the city but it is a fun boat ride with awesome views of the cityscape and landmarks. You get the fun guided tour with lots of information and the guide offers to take pictures of you and your family at the end.

Singapore Flyer

If you want a unique experience with awesome views where your kids are free to safely walk around the capsule on their own, I suggest taking a flight on the Singapore Flyer. The views are stunning and we were smart to take our time and pace ourselves in their mini-museum before boarding to somewhat strategically score our own car on a non-crowded day (we sort of paused and let the group ahead of us go because there was nobody behind us). It was a pretty sweet deal because the kids could enjoy the experience without us micromanaging too much and we were free to take photos and enjoy the views ourselves. Nighttime tours offer an entire different and unique experience so you should make the call whether you want day or night views.

Little India

Little India is a colorful and unique part of the city where there is delicious Indian food, which is not so great for kids, but you can make it up to them with all the little trinket shopping and souvenirs. We had fun picking up little figurines, jewelry, accessories, and decorations with the kiddos there. There is a lot of open air and market-like shopping and everything is bright, fragrant, and best of all - inexpensive!

The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands - Hamleys of London toy store

Hubs and I love to do a lot of sightseeing, enjoying cultural and architectural landmarks, and enjoying local vegan cuisine and having an adult beverage here and there. This is why we always like to know where the local toy store is. This isn't necessarily the largest toy store, or very unique to Singapore but it is a nice, higher-end shop in the ritzy Shoppes at the Sands and you can pick up a few LEGO sets before taking them to the next museum or restaurant as a well-placed bribe or just as a nice little break when you are in the area. It is right near the DC Comics Cafe, too, so it is a good way to split your day between the grown-ups and the kids.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Your kids don't even need to like Super Heroes to go to this place although if they do, it is a must-see. It is a fun burger and fries menu, with cute details for Batman, Superman, and all those guys in on and around all the food and decor. There is a whole menu of fun drinks, even some healthier ones, as well as beer and wine for the grown-ups, and an entire assortment of theme cupcakes, treats, and desserts as well as a retail store. We did a post about what we ate there. As vegans and vegetarians, we didn't find much to eat. The kids had quesadillas and fries but the non-alcoholic drinks and atmosphere are really fun regardless.

The Gardens by the Bay

We happened into this place in the evening, realizing that it is free to walk around and enjoy the grounds around the Skytree Grove and were immediately treated to a whole bunch of wild bats trying to eat these giant fruits off a very bizarre looking tree. It was the kind of experience that you would expect to see at a zoo or theme park, except it was just out there in nature, for free, and it was so cool! As the sun set these giant tree-like tower/sculptures illuminated and there was a musical light show which could be enjoyed from pretty much any vantage point with plenty of room to dance and play. The little kids had a blast. I'm sure the gardens could be fun in the daytime to walk through and explore but the night show was so fantastic and fun, I thought about taking them twice during our stay!

Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour

Honestly, I wish we had done this tour earlier. I was slightly disappointed to find out after we hopped off at our first stop that we had to hop back on real soon because they were closing in the evening. I think it is a great way to get around and see the city, however, it shuts down at dinner-time so I would suggest doing it earlier in the day. It is great when you have little kids that struggle in the heat and aren't up for miles of walking and sightseeing on foot.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

We decided to head over to the Esplanade when we found out there was a free concert. Not only was there a concert outside but there was a craft market with food and other wares. Inside there were more free performances and crafts for the kiddos. We made a cardboard Wall-e and beat the heat in the air-conditioning while the baby napped. I would definitely check out if there is anything fun going on over here during your Singapore stay.

Bricks World LEGO Certified Stores

If you are like us, you go out of your way for any LEGO toy store or experience in hopes that you find something exclusive, or at least to get the kids something fun and get out of the heat for a little bit. This is not an official LEGO store, but it is a Certified one and we scored exclusive Singapore sets there, one each for the grown-ups, and a few more smaller sets to keep the kids happy while we visited yet another well-rated restaurant so it was so worth the stop! Plus it is in an air-conditioned mall so if you want more time indoors, it is a good place to spend some time and the Hop-on Hop-off bus makes a stop there.

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