Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Make Money Shopping and Blogging with Referrals on Ebates

* If you click a link in this post I may receive a referral bonus.

I know many of you are looking for ways to make a little extra money or at the very least get the best deal on things you were going to buy anyway. If you are looking to make a little extra cash here and there from your shopping trips or your blog, take a look at Not only can you get cash back from many of your purchases at major retail stores, you can also share your sign-up link and earn bonuses right away and earn MORE when your friends and referrals shop. Here's how it works:

First you need to sign-up for Ebates.
( You also get $10 for signing up with my link!)

Once you sign up for an account, you will want to go to Ebates first, find the retailer you want to shop with if you already have one in mind or browse the current deals. Cash back varies from time to time and the % of cash back you will receive from your purchase is clearly stated next to the retailer. Then shop away...

You can stack a very good cash back deal with a sale and really clean up!!!

Have a ton of friends, a blog, or big social media following?

Make referral bonuses by sharing your referral link, found here:

How can BLOGGERS make Money???

Share a post or social media posts with your readers, fans, or followers with your referral link. Hook them up with a really great deal you found or simply make sure you have a strategically placed sign-up link on your blog and you will earn referral bonuses every time someone signs up and makes a qualifying purchase.

When do they PAY you?

Cash back is sent via check once you reach $5.01. Bonus rewards from signing up or referrals do not count towards this minimum, so make sure you are connecting your purchases.

How do you make sure your purchases count?

If you are shopping online, you can go to every time you have items in your shopping cart or before you even start to shop.

An EASY way to connect your purchases is to download the Google Chrome extension if you use Chrome as your browser. You will get the opportunity to click the button when a store you are shopping offers cash back (you will not have to remember to go to Ebates).

Another EASY way to make sure your purchases count is to use their app or their site to LINK OFFERs for in-store shopping. If you are in a store, go to the app (or the site will work too) and see if there is an in-store offer. You will need to have a credit card that you are going to use on file for this to work. 

All of these ways allow you to earn cash back while shopping the way you normally do. Sales and deal items, clearance, closeout - does not matter. The cash back is based on the actual total. 

You will collect $10 when you sign up with the above link, so enjoy :)

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