Friday, February 3, 2017

The BEST Sippy Cup for Smoothies

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Best Sippy Cup for smoothies

Put a lid on it - We have the BEST sippy cup for smoothies!

I make a smoothie almost every single day for my family. For my toddler, I have to pour it in a sippy cup and I've done this for her and my son when he was a baby. We keep evolving which cup or top we use. This year, we are using these silicone Boon Snug Sippy Lids because they keep the drink in, are safe, eco-friendly, easy to clean, easy to drink out of and don't leak. We think they make the best sippy cup lids for smoothies!

How this Sippy Cup Lid Works for Smoothies

I've actually been quite impressed with how well the Boon lids work. It isn't very complicated. They are made out of a very flexible food-grade silicone and fit over the cup of your choice. The spout has a slice where the smoothie can come through when the baby sucks on it. The valve is a hole on the top of the lid that allows air to come through. The silicone self-seals went the cup is not in use.

We have a pack of three lids that came with a plastic cup but we don't bother using the plastic cup. We use heavy glass jars that we reused from peanut butter. These work fine for us because our current apartment has a soft faux-wood floor and my littlest is quite careful. I'd recommend using stainless steel cups if you don't want to use plastic or glass. 

I actually prefer putting these lids on something that has threads like jars or a rolled lip like a stainless steel cup to keep the lids from sliding. I found that the lids could slide off of a smooth cup, especially if there is moisture on the lid or cup.

Another cool thing about using the glass jars is that I can seal up my glass jars with their lids until we are ready to serve the smoothies and can make a big batch to last a couple days.

We have been using these lids for over a year now and they are still in perfect shape. They are dishwasher safe but so easy to hand clean that I never even put them in the dishwasher.

So if you want to serve smoothies to babies and little kids, I recommend these great little Boon Sippy cup lids.  They really do make the best sippy cups for smoothies.

If you have sippy lid or cup that you think is fantastic for a smoothie, let us know in the comments! We are always interested in trying something new.
Get the Boon Snug Silicone Sippy Lids on Amazon.

Here are some stainless steel cups that would work nicely:

Stainless Steel Cups for kids on Amazon.

Cheers baby!

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