Sunday, March 19, 2017

Vegan Cream Cheese Cats on Toast

We spent our baby's second Birthday in Japan so I thought some Hello Kitty theme food and treats would make it special for her. These Hello Kitty Birthday snacks were really fun and easy to make. I made them with vegan Bute Island Foods original Sheese which is basically vegan cream cheese and it was just perfect!

How to Prep the food for the Hello Kitty Birthday Snacks

This particular birthday wasn't much of a "party" since it was just the immediate family. I did all of the steps in one sitting and it felt a little time consuming. 

My recommendation, if you are going to make a lot of these for a party would be to do the prep work a day ahead and store it it airtight containers in the fridge so you are not over-burdened on the day of the party.

Things you could prep ahead of time: 

  • Cauliflower "ears"
  • Strawberry "bow"
  • Pineapple "nose"
  • Parsley "whiskers" and "eyes"

Here are close ups of how we cut up the different parts using either a pairing knife or kitchen scissors:

The noses were hard to cut. I am going to look into a larger sized steel reusable straw or see if I can find some kawaii cookie cutter shapes in tiny sizes here in Japan...

How to Assemble the Hello Kitty Birthday Snacks

First you slice and lightly toast your bread. I used a nice slim french bread. 

Then, spread your vegan cream cheese.

As I said earlier, I used Bute Island Foods Original Sheese, but in the US you can use Tofutti Cream cheese, or there are many other brands coming onto the market that you can buy pre-made. You may also have your own spreadable nut cheese recipe (please share if you do!)

You can add a little extra cream cheese under your ears. Then I add a bunch more to stick my bow on.

Once you stick your bow on, you can use a knife to spread the excess cheese under the bow and around the face.

Then you just place your eyes, nose, and whiskers.

I found some flowers in our grocery store produce section to place on my board to serve.

You could also serve like this with the cute flowers.

Voila! Hello Kitty Birthday Food!!!

She was super happy to try the Hello Kitty Birthday Food!

Hello Kitty Birthday Snacks - Cream Cheese Cats on Toast Recipe

1 long slim loaf french bread
vegan cream cheese
strawberries (can swap red pepper)
fresh pineapple (can swap yellow pepper or yellow carrot)
Parsley (can swap basil or cilantro)


Cut triangle "ears" out of your cauliflower with paring knife.

Cut strawberries into bow shapes with paring knife or sharp scissor.

Cut pineapple into small oval nose shapes.

Cut little eyes and whiskers out of your parsley.

Slice your french bread about 1/2 inch thick.

Lightly toast french bread slices.

Spread cream cheese with a little extra where your ears will go.

Place your ears.

Add a nice dollup of cream cheese under where your bow will go and place your bow.

Place your nose, eyes, and whiskers.

Serve with love!

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