Monday, April 10, 2017

BEST Toys that Fit in Easter Eggs 2017 List

Each year I recommend some of our favorite toys that fit into those plastic easter eggs that are NOT candy. We prefer toys that are good quality, are collectible, well-made, and fun to play with. I try to stay away from junk. We prefer doing a few better quality toys and filling in with some candy and coins rather than a bunch of wasteful plastic dollar store toys that will just become clutter that doesn't get played with at all. Here are what we think are the BEST toys that fit in Easter eggs for 2017...

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BEST Toys that Fit in Easter Eggs for this Year

My Mini Mixie Q

This is a new one for us this year! We love mini collectible toys and it is even MORE fun when you find one that you can have little  mix and match hair and clothes! These My Mini MixieQs are the perfect size for the Easter eggs. They come in larger multi-packs that you can split up into a bunch of eggs and they are SUPER cute and aren't too pricey.

Small Pokemon characters

Although these are not official Pokemon (Pokemon doesn't make very tiny figures and most of the small ones are probably still too big for Easter eggs, although you could try for the bigger eggs) this is a BIG pack of figures that would be GREAT for an Easter egg hunt. This is a value pack, and we bought a similar one last year, so note that you are not going to get a top-quality hand-painted toy but a Pokemon fan will 100% guaranteed enjoy them. I like that one reviewer on Amazon tested them for lead, because for off-brand products made in China, we worry, but they came out clean and got mostly positive reviews

Thomas Minis

"There's 2 there's 4 there's six" there's.... FIFTY!!! Thomas trains are one of our favorites. We have been using them for three years now in Easter eggs and have quite a few. I actually bought this Thomas Minis Collection of 50 on Amazon last year, used some for our kids, some for a group egg hunt and have enough left over to do some of this year too! It is a little pricey at first but spreading it out into 3+ hunts and sharing with friends made it worthwhile. Plus they are great quality toys and can all link together to form trains.

Cute, small, collectible, they fit inside small plastic eggs and they come in packs of many. Shopkins items are perfect for the Easter egg hunt! A Shopkins doll or larger playset sets can go in the Easter basket!

The Lalaloopsy tinies are one of my personal favorites to fill small Easter eggs. They are very cute little rubbery plastic dolls and animals that also come with beads and a cord to make them into wearable jewelry. So far we have just played with them. They are very collectible, too!

LEGO Minifigure blind bags

We are definitely getting up in price for an Easter egg hunt, but LEGO blind bag minifigs are the set to get right now. To easily fit these in an Easter egg, cut a little hole in the bag to get the air out.

Now that we are on the LEGO kick, I have a fun suggestion for your Easter egg hunt. You can buy a small set like the Mighty Micros and put the bags into separate eggs so a few eggs will make a set. This works well if you only have one kid hunting or if you mark your eggs for different kids. These sets are great and well worth it!

Hope you like our picks for the BEST toys that fit in Easter eggs, this year! If you have any ideas, be sure to share them in the comments. Feel free to share the above image on Pinterest and happy egg hunting!

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