Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BRIO Light and Sound Fire Truck Review

We have a 2 year old who loves to say "wee woo!" every time she hears a fire truck. Maybe it's the lights, sounds or bright colors that fascinate little kids but it seems like all little ones need a first fire truck of their very own to play with. This week we have a BRIO Light and Sound Fire Truck review to share and add to our Easter 2017 Gift Guide!

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Brio Light and Sound Fire Truck Review

The BRIO Light and Sound Fire Truck fire is made mostly of plastic with a little wooden sign on the front, rubber wheels, and comes with two little wooden people that fit on the truck. The wooden features give this toy a more natural appeal and the great thing about the BRIO company is that all wood used is FSC® certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) which means that it is from a sustainable source.

It seems like all little kids like fire trucks but this one is perfect for the very little ones as it is rated for 18 months and up. Aside from being able to roll the truck around. The people have little spots where the fit into the toy, one as the front driver and one in the rear. The ladders which are on each side are also removable and can be stacked together to increase the imaginative play value of this toy. 

The BRIO Light and Sound Fire Truck actually makes a little siren noise and the lights flash when you press the button which the kids really love, too!

This little fire truck is cute, colorful, well-made, and fun. It is engaging with its animated light and sound features and removable people and ladders to make this a great choice for a first fire truck or gift.

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