Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BRIO My First Take Along Set Review

If you have a toddler, you know what a big deal a train set is. For some little ones, they can be entertained for HOURS with some track and a train to wheel around it and you and you may even travel with wooden train set. This week we have the BRIO My First Take Along Set review to show off a portable and cute little train track and case that is making it onto our Easter 2017 Gift Guide. It has space to travel with wooden trains and a few trains and accessories.

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BRIO My First Take Along Set Review

The BRIO "My First Take Along Set" is a carry toy with a case that opens up to include 2 pieces of wooden track, 2 little wooden trains that magnet together, one with a little jingle ball enclosed,  and 2 ramps for the tracks to continue down from the case handle. It is meant for children 18+ months old.

The case is made of sturdy plastic and the tracks and trains are made of wood which is certified from well-managed forests by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The BRIO company is known for its high-quality and thoughtfully designed toys as it has been making toys since the 1800s!

When the case is opened, the track runs around the case and on to the wooden tracks.

There is plenty of room in the case to hold additional tracks and cars or any other toys to take along. I think that is what impressed me the most about this toy. This would be great for a kid who already has a love for trains and wants to travel with them!

We were impressed with the really solid build of this toy. It is so nice and well-made. It is great for a kid that is just starting out with BRIO trains or is so in love with them that they need to travel with wooden trains. Not only will BRIO "My First Take Along Set make a great addition to our Easter 2017 Gift Guide, for any Easter basket, or a gift it makes a great case for wooden train travel.

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