Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ravensburger Krazy Wordz

For our Easter Gift Guide, we are including Ravensburgers Krazy Wordz Game. It is meant for ages 10 and up but is sure to challenge creativity, and critical thinking of the grown-ups that join in on this family game that works with 3-7 players. We are big fans of the Ravensburger company and this game lives up to our high expectations of the brand. Find out what we think of this new game...

* We received a sample of the item in order to facilitate a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.

 Why we are Ravensburger Fans

As someone with a German heritage, I particularly appreciate the quality of German toys. Ravensburger started making their first games in the late 1800s and still operates and manufactures most of their toys in Germany today. They also manage a factory in Czech Republic and for any parts made in China, pay particular attention to the social and environmental practices assuring consumers that their values and quality controls are in place.

With efforts in sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, Ravensburger is a brand we feel comfortable and happy recommending to our fans and readers.

Our Ravensburger Krazy Wordz Game Review

The Krazy Word game has lots of pieces to punch out of sturdy thick cardboard. The boxes is solid and is excellent for storage and stacking among your other games. 3-7 players ages 10 and up make words using their letter tiles and the other players must guess what the the other player designed the word to be.

This game is challenging and creative as wells using critical thinking and pure luck to try to earn the most points and win this game. Is is surprisingly fun to craft your own words and try to decipher the other players thought process on how they came up with their words.

This game is great for everything from a rainy weekend to a teenage sleepover. This nice packaging makes it a great gift and the good company values the unique concept and excellent quality earns this game a top spot for this age group on our Easter Gift Guide 2017.

Krazy Wordz Game is for ages 10+ and retails for $19.99

You can purchase Ravensburger Krazy Wordz on Amazon. 

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