Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Apparel N Bags Clothes without Logos Tie Dye and More

What a beautiful day it turned out to be and how fitting that my little guy's sweatshirt is the color of the sky! We just received a soft cotton one color tie-dyed sweatshirt for my 5 year old from in order do a review and it is a sky blue tie dye hoodie! They are known for their blank tee shirts and clothing but they also carry lots of tie dye styles of clothes without logos.

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This cool Tie Dye Hoodie came in a ton of color options but we decided to stick with the one that initially jumped out at us.

Apparel N Bags doesn't just have tie-dye. They have a ton of single color, or multi-color athletic style wear for everyone from little kids to adults from dozens of name brands.

The prices are excellent. They offer bulk discounts, embroidery and design services for groups, events, family trips to theme parks, etc. They have blank tee shirts for as low as $1.16!

We always buy the basic single color sweats to craft a Halloween costume from this company. They have an enormous selection of good quality clothes without logos that work well if you are trying to dress a kid like the sky or make a dragon costume or something...

This Tie Dye Hoodie turned out to be just nice, plush, soft. It is an 80% cotton 20% poly and the tie dye is done after the hoodie is made. As a hippie mom I love it! The boy was quite cozy in his sweatshirt.

Check out Apparel N Bags.

Check out Apparel N Bags and see all the excellent deals they have on all their great logo-free clothing!

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