Friday, May 5, 2017

How to find the Carlsbad Tide Pools

We love checking out the tide pools in Carlsbad. It is a great place to check out with the little kids and is usually not too crowded. You can see signs of sea life without getting wet or disturbing anything, as long as you look and don't touch. It is a little tough to find but I'll give you a little tour so you can see how to find the Carlsbad tidepools. 

*Make sure you check out this sign and remember be careful and do not handle the wildlife.

Visiting the Tide Pools in Carlsbad, CA. 

FIRST (Visit the tide schedule to find out what time low tide is going to be.) 

CROSS STREETS: Go to cross streets, Cerezo Dr and Carlsbad Blvd. 

PARKING: Plan on parking on Carlsbad Blvd. 

You get down to the tide pools via long flight of stairs after the last house on the bluff near Cerezo Dr.

We didn't see a ton of wildlife down in the Carlsbad Tide pools this day but it certainly was a beautiful shoreline to visit that is less than 20 minutes away from my home! It was helpful to have Navdy to find this place!

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