Saturday, June 24, 2017

What We Use for Travel Diapers

So we packed up and hit the road for ANOTHER trip this week. I know a lot of you guys think that travel is SO glamorous and exciting. Maybe it is because we just came back from a year living abroad, and we have a little one in diapers and a bigger one (thankfully) concentrating on the art of wiping his own butt, but we are feeling a wee bit burnt out. I just have to remind myself that I am not cooking, cleaning, or washing diapers this week and I have our lovely sponsor, Luvs, joining us, so I can create this post and share how we save money on "Travel Diapers".

When we are home, we use a stash of cloth diapers that have to be hand washed then cycled through 2 machine washes and the dryer. When we travel, we try to find the best deal on brand name diapers so we can make it through our trip.

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Before we leave home on any trip, I like to look for the best deal on diapers by searching for printables and coupons that come in our Sunday paper. You can usually find a good money-saving coupon that could potentially be combined with a sale or discount on diapers at a local store.

I usually print or clip extra coupons because I don't like to travel with too many diapers taking up too much space in my luggage. I know I can purchase more diapers practically anywhere I go and the coupons I find at home are honored almost everywhere in the US. Sometimes I find even better deals in the city or towns we travel to!

Travel is expensive. Things like buying cupboard or shelf stable food like bananas, chips and salsa with coupons locally at your destination, and even packing things like jars of peanut butter and jelly and a box of crackers in your luggage can save you a good chunk of change, especially if your plane ticket or status allows you to check a bag for free.

If you plan ahead and get a great deal on diapers, snacks, food you can greatly reduce travel costs. I try not to buy a ton of crap and just let the memories and photos speak for themselves.

Not only is travel more affordable this way, but you can afford to do more travel with all the money you save!

If you need "Travel Diapers" or just everyday diapers at a really great deal... 

get a $2 off printable coupon from Luvs!

What are your favorite summer travel tips? Share them in the comments below!

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