Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Tribe Apparel Boho Harem Pants from Thailand Fair Trade Plus Elephant Charity

One place I've always wanted to go was Thailand. We spent last year in Japan and had talked about going to Thailand or perhaps Indonesia. We made it to Singapore and Malaysia but the year came to a close without my bucket list nice-to-have trip to somewhere with crystal clear blue waters, exotic foods, elephants... This doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the traditional wares like these Bohemian style harem pants we are featuring this week courtesy of One Tribe Apparel.

Forever a hippie mom, these suit me much better than yoga pants or sweats.

The One Tribe Apparel brand started when two travelers fell in love with the Boho styles they saw in Thailand and created a fairly traded outlet to share this colorful, comfortable, hippie-chick style clothing here in the US.

Not only is their clothing made by local artisans making fair wages in Thailand but we also love that they make a donation from every purchase to the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand where elephants roam freely.

Paired with a classic white tee, you cannot go wrong here in Oceanside.

One of the saddest things about visiting Thailand is the unethical Elephant tourism. Make no mistake. Riding elephants, sitting on them, taking pictures, unless they are at a sanctuary, is unethical. Many of these elephants bear scars on their faces from whips and chains to train them when they are just babies!

If you ever visit Thailand or anywhere, I encourage you to avoid activities involving endangered elephants or any other animals unless it is at a reputable sanctuary where you can visit animals that are rescued and given space and freedom to roam.

Maybe one day we will make it to Thailand. I would love to visit an elephant sanctuary, see the beauty of the beaches, flora, fauna, temples, architecture, and of course discover all the delightful vegan foods I've seen splashed about on Instagram...

I also tried these paired with  simple black tee and braid.

If you check out the One Tribe Apparel crowd-sourced lookbook, you can see beautiful people enjoying their clothes around the world!

For now, I'll just enjoy my Harem Pants at home here in beautiful sunny SoCal.

You can buy these Violet Honey Hive Harem Pants

or a ton of other designs, kimonos, and other styles at
 One Tribe Apparel

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