Friday, July 21, 2017

Veggie Cafe - Vegan Food in Kyoto

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Some of the best vegan food we found in Japan this past year was in Kyoto. We lived in a city that wasn't too far to take several trips for sightseeing and eating all the vegan food several times so in the next few weeks we will detail all of them. First up, on our first trip, we booked a very reasonably priced hotel near Veggie Cafe.

Veggie Cafe is a very small all vegan cafe in the heart of Kyoto not far from Nijo Castle. It has seating indoors and outside and an English menu. It is actually what I would call a more American style vegan menu with a few simple easy to understand and eat items. The food is very kid friendly with things like veggie burgers and homemade fries, pancakes, soup and even freshly squeezed orange juice.

Their menu clearly states that it is "animal free cooking" in English so vegans are able to eat everything here!

We ordered the chili bean soup, a couple orders of french fries, the falafel pita, the lasagna, and a couple freshly squeezed orange juices intending to share everything with our 2 little kids.

It is the owner himself making all the food one ticket at a time so it can take a while, especially if you order the lasagna. As a family of 4, of course we ordered the lasagna but we felt a little sorry for the couple that waited patiently next to us to get our meal so they could order.

Veggie Burger in homemade pita.

It is all handmade, even the home-made pita bread, and fresh, clean eating. Everything was very very good, and filling. We especially enjoyed the lasagna. The kids really liked that too. Maybe we should have ordered two of those! The freshly made fries kept the little guys happy, too.

Chili Bean Soup

The food was great for kids because they had burgers and fries, but the quiet place and spa music made these American kids sound more loud and disruptive than usual during the long wait for the food so thank goodness the other couple didn't seem to care.

The OJ and fries helped the kids chill out a little bit.

This is a great place to get a meal as a vegan or vegetarian family in town. It may not be the typical Japanese style meal for a tourist, but you are guaranteed a fresh and carefully prepared meal so you will enjoy the Japanese sensibility in that way. It is perfect if you are vegan, vegetarian, hungry, or a picky eater and want a palatable, savory, home-cooked meal.

Animal free cooking - the way we like to eat!

Would definitely like to go back and try some of the other things on the menu that we didn't get a chance to this time.

The lasagna was very tasty and worth the wait!

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