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Las Vegas Vegan Guide - Vegan Restaurants, Hotels, and Shows

Violettes Vegan Organic Eatery and Juice Bar tofu scramble, veggie sausage, potatoes, veggies.

We love going to Las Vegas. It's only half a days drive from San Diego or Los Angeles and it is a hub for vegan food! We go without the kids once in a while, stay someplace fun, see a Cirque de Soleil show, do some gambling, drinking, and eating and I try to share everything we eat. This is my list of our favorite vegan food, hotels, shows, and activism you can do when you travel to Las Vegas.

Animal Rights Activism in Las Vegas

A city that used to be known for its animals forced to be in circus-like shows, Las Vegas in now an epicenter for vegan food and activism.

Anonymous for the Voiceless Las Vegas Chapter hosts Cube of Truth events
Las Vegas Save Movement hosts vigils for animals going to slaughter

Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas:


7790 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas NV, 89139
(702) 614-3380

I try to map my vegan restaurants so they are more or less convenient for our trip, and have options if we are not close or not hungry. I had Vege-Way on the list of places we might want to hit before or after our trip because of its southwest location. It is fast food drive thru and they have burgers and fries and the food was good the first time we went but the last time we went the food was TERRIBLE. Maybe it is just because we have had so much better vegan food since then or if it has just gone downhill. We are definitely going to skip it next time. Please let me know if the food has improved so we don't write them off completely.

The two types of chick'n were pretty mind-blowing-ly good. There was something so exceptionally authentic about the texture and breading that made them both unique and palatable. The ranch dipping sauce that comes with was great too.

We found out later on that the owner also owns one of the BEST Chinese Food restaurants we have ever eaten at, vegan or not.... that explains the excellent handmade vegan "meat" at this drive-thru, walk up vegan fast food joint and why they also sell the amazing Orange Chik'n.

Food was definitely not as nice looking the second time around...

Violettes Vegan Organic Eatery and Juice Bar

8560 West Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV. 89117

I had this place on deck for a good vegan breakfast. I intended to get a complimentary buffet at our hotel by Sunday morning or hit one of the many other vegan eateries in town but we were hungry Saturday morning and were ready to head out and it's a good thing because this was just about perfect!

My husband had a tofu scramble platter and I had the breakfast burrito with tofu, potatoes, sausage and cheese which came in a gluten-free tortilla. Both came with grilled veggies.

He asked for a side of the biscuits and gravy and I'm glad he did because it was delicious.

I'm not sure if the cheese was Daiya, but we know the sausage was Field Roast. We didn't mind the commercial processed food (and I have to note that my husband is iffy about Daiya - we are more a Follow Your Heart brand family). Everything was cooked and flavored very well and we were both very happy with our meals. Not only do they have a delicious all vegan menu including breakfast foods, burgers, and smoothies, but they have vegan donuts and desserts too!

Veggie House

5115 Spring Mountain Rd 203
Las Vegas, NV 89146

(702) 431-5802

I rarely write a long and detailed post the same night I get home from a trip (let alone the same year) but this vegan Chinese restaurant made me do it. It was hands down the best Chinese food I've ever had (vegan or not) and I cannot wait to plan my next trip so I can have it again.

Orange Chick'n

The legendary Chef Kenny has created the most flawless and animal-free Chinese food anyone could imagine. We went for a very late lunch and ordered 4 meals and an appetizer intending to save 2 for a late dinner should we make it up past 9pm.

Our table was filled with a stunning array of jaw-dropping Chinese classics as well a Vegan House exclusives. I don't know if I can accurately convey how incredible these dishes were. Perhaps my nearly vegan/struggling vegetarian and taste sensitive sensory husband could shed some light on how good it was but his mouth was too full of Orange Chick'n, Beef and Broccoli, Kung Pao Chick'n, Fried Rice... yes, we over-ordered. We ate waaaay too much. But this is the stuff memories are made of, especially if you are erasing the memories of slot machine losses with a Bloody Mary in the morning.

Kung Pao Chick'n

Beef and Broccoli

This was the Roti with Curry appetizer. I love curry and this bread was the lightest, softest bread I've ever had. Another food my husband is fond of from Malaysia (that I finally got to try!)

The restaurant is in the top corner of this complex. I was surprised at what a booming Asian area this city has! I'm sure there is a lot more great vegan food and options to uncover in this area with stores touting "vegan friendly" with little signs right near this gem of a Chinese place.

Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan Restaurant

Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan

6820 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV 89146

This place is almost exactly like Chef Kenny's Veggie House Restaurant so I would say that you could choose one or the other, just don't miss visiting at least one! They have the most amazing food and sushi. Chef Kenny's is the newer location and they are both very convenient to staying on the Strip.

6135 S For Apache unit #402
Las Vegas NV 89148
(702) 979-9329

Tacotarian makes such amazing vegan tacos, we visited them TWICE in one trip. Here is a mix of tacos and other menu items from this all plant based restaurant.

The ones that got away (Restaurants we will visit next time!!!!)


I heard so much about this place and their excellent selection of all vegan street food inspired dishes. There are two locations which were both convenient to the strip. I only regret that we didn't make it to our last lunch due to a comped buffet. Next time, and there will be a next time!

Pancho's Tacos

Another place that is reasonably priced and raved about is Pancho's Tacos. In fact it is branded with a medal on the Happy Cow App! It looked like Mexican food with Daiya cheese from what we saw and read from reviews and my husband is not really a fan so we had it as an option but didn't make it.

I'm kinda thinking that we have to specifically get back there soon because I have tamales, chili rellenos, wet burritos, and enchiladas with sides of refried beans and rice running through my mind. What can I say?! I'm an American! I embrace this decadent diet. I just don't want to hurt animals to have it!

The thing is, though, we ended up at a pizza place out of town that also used all Daiya and we're beginning to realize that we likes it in certain dishes so I really want to check this place out next time we go and we can ridiculously over-order here too.

The Modern Vegan


I don't know of a specifically vegan hotel in Las Vegas, but there are some amazing deals on AirBnb and sometimes you can find vegan hosts. This ensures that you can cook/store your own food. Here are some of the hotels I liked/tried in Las Vegas.


I've stayed here a few times and it is somewhat vegan friendly. They have an option or two at their restaurants but as usual we are eating at vegan restaurants around town so this isn't really an issue. There are no confined dolphins, tigers or other animals, perhaps a human "cougar" but that's it, we like that.

Plus, there were some great first timer rewards for the TI Players Club that we enjoyed right away like entrance into a slot tournament, free spins, where we won over $100, and free buffet, so if you enjoy some gambling, make sure to do this!


Wynn and Encore are known to have vegan items on the menus of their restaurants, however, we do not consider them a vegan hotel.

The problem is that you have to walk through a hallway of shops filled with "high-end" fur and leather before getting into the main casino and all their vegan food is in non-vegan restaurants. The fur in 2-3 shops in their hotel was disappointing. I forget that these high-end brand still sell this cruel stuff.

The only time I want to eat vegan food in non-vegan restaurants is when there is NOTHING else to eat and Las Vegas has PLENTY of vegan restaurants we can support instead. They are just off the strip.


Book a private residence with AirBnb and get an instant credit when you use my link :)


One of our faves -  rooms have nice little kitchenettes to prepare some of your own vegan food and be sure to get a balcony overlooking the Bellagio fountains - that is the BEST!)


The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas is fun and SUPER-inexpensive and also have some good rock shows. The hotel does not cater to vegans although Fu'Asian Cuisine has a vegan menu. For the value, it is a lot of fun to stay there and you save money to go off strip anyway to eat.


Loews in Lake Las Vegas is way off strip but Loews Hotels are PET-Friendly which we love. Our four-legged girl and her humans approve as we have stayed there and there.

Avoid Hotels with Animal displays/shows

Las Vegas also has a lot of hotels that have miserable animals on display, from white tigers that probably need prescriptions to treat lifelong depression and dolphins hopelessly circling their tanks. I recommend avoiding The Mirage, The Mandalay, The Excalibur, and any other hotel that you find that uses live animals in shows, tanks, or cages. We don't need to support animal entertainment when there are SO many other things to do, starting with food and endless entertainment!!!

They had vegan sushi at the Treasure Island buffet. I feel like most of the hotels we've stayed at in Las Vegas feature vegan sushi which is perfect because I start to crave it. It was a tomato avocado roll and hit the spot. The Bean Sprout salad and Kim Chee were nice with the sushi. 

The Treasure Island buffet has this really nice "protein bowl" station. You tell them what you want and they make the bowl. I actually prefer to make my own salads so I passed in favor of more sushi and hash brown potatoes which were sadly a bit soggy but the available hot sauce and ketchup.

Although there was a Beyond Burger at one of Treasure Island's restaurants which is available for roughly $20 (including a nearly $10 fee if you order it on room service) and a few vegan options at the buffet I would not spend the money there. We received a complimentary buffet for 2 for gambling and using our Players Club. If you like the super healthy protein bowl and fruit type breakfast, it is fine, but we like something a little more rich and savory like a breakfast burrito or potatoes.

We also got to try the Pho at the restaurant inside the casino (not sure of the name) and it was vegan and very good. Perfect if you don't feel like heading out for food!

The Impossible Burger wasn't all that exciting. I'm glad we didn't pay room service fees for this.

Vegan Entertainment in Las Vegas?


Cirque shows never use live animals so I would consider all of their shows vegan :)

Our favorite Cirque de Soleil and other Shows:
The Beatles Love - if you are a Beatles fan this is a MUST see.
Le Reve - this is possibly the most stunning performance in Vegas
Mystere - beautiful and the best and most affordable of these types of shows ;)


Happy Cow App - there is a bunch of all vegan eateries mostly off the strip. - to find out if alcohol is vegan

Airbnb for renting a private place where you can cook or reheat food easily while possibly saving money too.

All Wynn and Encore Hotel restaurants have vegan items/menus.

Stay away from hotels that have animals on display or in shows (I think we are getting close to being done with that whole antiquated, inhumane, and unfortunately misguided trend that some are still holding onto) but there are plenty of options on and off the strip that do not have live animals.

Make sure you join the players club at your hotel if you gamble.

Order 2 meals from any of these restaurants to eat back in your hotel room after a show or a night of gambling, dancing, drinking so you don't become a drunk vegetarian and wake up with a tiger in your room and a tattoo on your face.

NOT Vegas but...

*BONUS* San Bernardino Vegan Korner

IF you happen to be driving back to SoCal or just want to make a special trip for amazing vegan food, Vegan Korner in San Bernardino is where you absolutely need to stop to eat! They make amazing vegan calzones, pizza, and pasta. It is mainly a take-out place where you can call ahead or wait for your delicious vegan food. There are a few tables inside to eat at.

We had their Buffalo Chick'n pizza with spicy Buffalo sauce, little bits of vegan "chick'n" ranch dressing, celery, and Daiya Cheese. The crust was perfect and the pizza was excellent!

My husband had a delicious calzone filled with vegan sausage, pepperoni, cheeze, and black olives and it was out of this world!

They also let us know that they had last Sunday of the month specials which is why we also ordered the pesto pasta. It was pretty amazing, too! It included spinach, black olives, and avocado which was delicious!

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Loews Hotels are our favorite PET-Friendly chain that we love.
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